Board Meeting 2011-12-08

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 8th of December 2011 at 17:00 UTC on IRC and follow up voting on Skype.


  • Review past minutes: Board Meeting 2011-11-10
  • Appoint secretary
  • Action items from last meeting
    • Frank: try to contact RCMRD once more re: MOU
    • mpg: get a google voice phone number for OSGeo
    • Mark: continue email threads on NA chapter formation
    • Jeff: prepare proposal for aiding Beijing LOC (proposal) (discussion)
    • Arnulf: send out summary of meeting to discuss list (due Nov 17th) (done)
    • Jo: form bylaws team
    • mpg: send out motions for formal voting
  • Incubation: GeoMoose and Rasdaman accepted by the incubation committee; looking for volunteers to mentor existing projects (i.e. GeoServer)
  • Incubation: Graduate PostGIS (given that the vote has been concluded in the Incubation Committee see motion at:
  • Charter Member Election Report
  • Finances update
  • (Motion to) establish a North America Region Chapter OSGeo-NA
  • Discuss how to proceed with FOSS4G 2012 in Beijing. Urgent and important!
  • 2012 Budget Brainstorm
  • please add items


  • [9:00] start, roll call
  • review past minutes
    • all motions passed by email
    • minutes approved (1/Frank, 2/Daniel, all +1)
  • [9:15] review action items
    • Frank passed RCMRD info to Jeff
    • mpg got a phone number: 801-896-7436(801-VXOSGEO), currently all forwarded to
    • Jeff's Beijing proposal was prepared
    • seven did summarize the last mtg to the mailling list
    • no action yet on bylaws by Jo
  • [9:18] incubation committee work
    • motion to incubate GeoMoose w/ JodyG as mentor: 1/Frank, 2/Jeff, all +1
    • motion to incubate Rasdaman: 1/Frank, 2/mpg, all +1
    • PostGis not graduated from Incubation, due to provenance issues; defer to next week
  • [9:28] charter members election
    • 21 elected instead of 20 (due to tie)
    • announcements sent out
    • mpg to update database, etc, over the holidays
  • [10:31] foss4g "support person" proposal
    • discussion about aspects of Jeff's proposal
    • motion to pay Jeff to fly out to Beijing and report back on their readiness, staffing, plans, etc -- at travel costs, plus 4d at $640US/d
      • mpg/1, pmbatty/2, all +1
  • [11:04] motion to close mtg
    • Frank/1, Mark/2, all +1
  • next meeting: Jan 12th

Assigned Tasks

  • mpg: collect formal motion votes
  • seven: report on this meeting to mailing list
  • Jo: bylaws work
  • IncCom: try to graduate PostGIS at next mtg
  • mpg: update membership DB
  • Frank: budget document


  1. approve last meeting minutes (1/Frank, 2/Daniel, all +1)
  2. incubate GeoMoose w/ JodyG as mentor (1/Frank, 2/Jeff, all +1)
  3. incubate Rasdaman (1/Frank, 2/mpg, all +1)
  4. motion to approve NA chapter - MarkL/1, Jo/2 (mpg -1, Frank -1, Jeff +0, Daniel +0, Jo +0, Mark +1, Arnulf 0, Peter +0, Tim +0)
  5. motion to pay Jeff to fly out to Beijing and report back on their readiness, staffing, plans, etc -- at travel costs, plus 4d at $640US/d (mpg/1, pmbatty/2, all +1)
  6. motion to close meeting (Frank/1, Mark/2, all +1)