Board Meeting 2012-04-19

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 19th of April 2012 at 17:00 UTC on IRC and follow up voting on Skype or by email.


  • Review past minutes: Board Meeting 2012-03-22
  • Appoint secretary
  • Action items from last meeting
    1. mpg to do inventory of committees and local chapters (carried over from previous meeting)
    2. Daniel to resolve 'c3 vs. 'c6 issue
    3. Jo to start investigating the ELOgeo importation process
    4. Daniel to decide what to do about QuickBooks issue
    5. mpg to get a plan for DC F2F meeting / (edited: report from meeting?)
    6. kick-starting the Marketing discussion (Arnulf attempted to do something here)
    7. a Motion: Confirm Cameron Shorter as interim Chair of the Marketing Committee (Arnulf)
    8. update from Frank on Beijing FOSS4G conference
  • Consider recommendation for GEOS to graduate incubation with Sandro Santilli as VP, GEOS.
  • Funding request for the GRASS GIS Community Sprint in May 2012 (see email)
  • OSGeo Ambassador to Eclipse WG meeting?
  • Charter Membership (clean out, update)
  • Preparation for elections in July (Arnulf)
  • Confirm next meeting time and date Board Meeting 2012-05-10
  • please add items


  • logistics
    • detailed conversation log:
    • Attending: dmorissette (Daniel Morissette), mpg (Michael Gerlek) , FrankW (Frank Warmerdam), seven (Arnulf Christl), pmbatty (Peter Batty), tschaub (Tim Schaub), archaeogeek joined later (Jo Cook)
    • Absent: Mark Lucas
    • Chair: Tim Schaub
    • Scribe: Arnulf Christl
    • Secretary: mpg

Assigned Tasks

  1. Peter Batty and Jo Cook to work on getting FOSS4G 2011 material online
  2. Arnulf to start thread on policy for FOSS4G 2012 on board list.
  3. Arnulf to carry over items that were not addressed during the meeting.


  1. [19:14] <tschaub> MOTION: adopt minutes of 2012-03-22 meeting. Tim 1st, Arnulf 2nd, all in favor.
  2. [19:33] <seven> MOTION: Confirm Cameron Shorter as interim Chair of the Marketing Committee. Arnulf 1st, Peter 2nd, all in favor.
  3. [19:45] <tschaub> MOTION: Confirm incubation committee recommendation that GEOS graduate incubation. Frank 1st, Arnulf 2nd, all in favor.
  4. [19:56] <tschaub> MOTION: Provide € 1000 for the GRASS Community sprint in Prague. Arnulf 1st; Frank 2nd; Tim, Jo, mpg, pmbatty +1; Daniel +0
  5. [20:00] MOTION: Adjourn. Frank 1st; Arnulf 2nd; Daniel, Michael, Jo, Peter: +1


[17:00] meeting begins, we have a quorum

  • Daniel and mpg are simultaneously attending the Eclipse location working group meeting

[17:12] review of minutes

  • motion to adopt, passed

[17:16] mpg gives a summary of mini-F2F at FOSS4G-NA in Washington DC last week

  • we discussed the Beijing issue, and opened a back-channel communication with Gao Ang
  • we also discussed the issue of getting the books in order, and Daniel and I have started a conversion with a prof mgmt outsourcing team
  • is the company we've talked to
  • Tim noted no luck looking to OpenPlans for accounting folk

[17:25] inventory of committees and local chapters

[17:29] Daniel had action items about c3/c6, getting the books in order, etc

  • being discussed now, via VirtualMgmt outsourcing firm

[17:31] Jo will keep pushing the ELOgeo import work

  • Peter to help get FOSS4G 2011 material in there

[17:34] Arnulf has brought the marketing committee back to like

  • with Cameron Chorter as Chair

[17:37] update from Frank on Beijing FOSS4G conference

  • Frank had nothing to report; issue removed from his plate, but keep topic item open as something to watch
  • summary statement remains basically as last month: "we're trying to push them, but we have no leverage; will neither lose nor make money; might turn into a East-Asia regional conf"
  • questions raised about what to do about Annual Gathering, Sol Katz award, etc

[17:44] passed motion to recommend that GEOS graduate incubation

[17:48] motion to fund the GRASS sprint -

  • discussion of guidelines - direct grant vs matching funds vs ...
  • nonetheless, passed motion approve EU$1000 for them

[17:58] discussion of Eclipse location industry WG

  • mpg would like to send someone to their 1st meeting
  • discussion moved to mailing list

[18:01] adjourn