Board Meeting 2018-11-07

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 7th of November 2018 at [1], a record of motions is preserved on loomio and actions on osgeo todo issue tracker.


Current items

Items in italic are recurring at each meeting.

Note that the meeting is limited to 1 hour.


  • Presiding: Maria A
  • Scribing: Jody


  • Michael
  • Angelos
  • Jeff
  • Maria A
  • Jody
  • Astrid
  • Helena
  • Maria B

Review and approve past minutes


MOT1: Approve minutes from meeting 2018-10-13

  • Angelos +1 (initial motion)
  • Maria A +1 (seconded)
  • Jeff +1
  • Astrid +1
  • Michael +1

Motion moved to Loomio:

Status: Passed


Action 1: Michael to transcribe the minutes to the wiki so we can vote next meeting - Done

Minutes not ready, motion moved to Loomio:

Status: Passed

Outstanding actions

Elections update

Vasile excused (on a flight) so could not provide an update.

MOT2: Recogize 2018 nominations as OSGeo charter members New_Member_Nominations_2018

  • Jody +1 (initial motion)
  • Angelos +1 (seconded)
  • Astrid +1
  • Maria A +1
  • Jeff +1
  • Michael +1
  • Maria B +1
  • Helena +1

Motion on Loomio:

Status: Passed during meeting

  • We should encourage nominations for board, both by asking personally and also via reaching out to email lists.
  • Action 2: Maria A to send fancy email to mailing list - Done

Incubation Update

Java 2018 Code Sprint results

  • Successful for GeoServer - the project can now run under Java 11
  • More difficult / distruptive for GeoTools, but we met our sprint goals about half a week later
  • For GeoNetwork it was interesting and slow. In the end we got some pushes in GeoNetwork and advanced, but we are still veeeeeeeeeery far away of Java 11
  • The event *did* get sponsorship, but only the week before, or even during the event.
  • Discussion about code sprints being hosted by osgeo, or osgeo just sponsoring.
  • The event has "made money" for the code sprint program. A big thank you to sponsors, and to OSGeo for hosting.
  • For 2019 we have the next sprint coming:

2019 Budget planning, starting the call out to committees

  • Jody would like to collect an interested group to lead the call out to committee chairs; we used a spreadsheet last time and collected the result in the wiki.
  • Action 4: Jody to compile a list of volunteers to contact projects ASAP

OSGeo Project reports status

OGC CITE Certifications status

Nomination of Serena Coetzee as co-chair of UN Committee

MOT3: Recognize Serena Coetzee as co-chair of UN Committee

  • Jody +1 (initial motion)
  • Astrid +1 (seconded)
  • Maria A +1
  • Angelos +1
  • Helena +1
  • Jeff +1
  • Maria B +1

Status: Passed during meeting