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The Charter Member nomination (part of the Election 2018) will be open from 2018-09-24 to 2018-10-07. The list of nominees for the 2018 Charter Member Election is maintained by the Chief Returning Officer (cro at This page is write protected and can only be edited by SysOps.

To submit a charter member nomination:

  • Please confirm with the nominated person first!
  • Please email (not to with their name, contact email (if possible, use a personal email address not the work one that can change in the future) and paragraph describing why you are recommending this person as a Charter Member (please include details about the positive attributes of the nominee)
  • Also, you might want to reference their OSGeo Advocate profile.

Note for admins: simple script to scrape this page to generate meaningful lines for the electronic voting system

The list of nominees will be maintained by the CRO here:

_#_ _______Name_______ _____Country_____ Notes second Thread

1 Manuel Retamozo Argentina From: Mauricio_Miranda

would like to nominate Manuel Retamozo for Charter Member. Manuel is a one of most active developers in our community. He co-founded Geoinquietos Argentina and was member of the organizing team of FOSS4G-AR in 2013, 2016 and 2017. He is member of the development team of Argentina's SDI project and he also has worked in many different government organizations spreading the Open Source and Open Data philosophy. Following this path, he has given many different trainings and workshop all around the country about FOSS4G tools. In my opinion, he would be a great Charter Member.Cheers,

2 Malena Libman Argentina From: Alex Mandel

Malena is a long time member of the OSGeo (Geoinquietos Argentina), Foss4g Argentina, and OSM communities in Argentina including GeochicasOSM. She recently represented the Argentina Chapter at FOSS4G 2018, and joined the OSGeo Marketing Committee.

Malena is a student at National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF), studying to get a degree in Geographic Information Systems. She has taught workshops on FOSS4G topics, works on Spatial Data Infrastructure at SEGEMAR, the national geological institute, and participates in IDERA, the National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Argentina.

3 Horacio Castellaro Argentina From: Veronica Andreo

Horacio is a very active member of the local communities of Geoinquiet@s and OSM Argentina. He has been one of the organizers of the FOSS4G Argentina editions and has taught workshops, seminars and webinars, always fostering the use and development of FOSS4G.

He is deeply involved in the Argentinian SDI (IDERA) and has been director of the Geospatial Information Area at the National Geographic Institute (IGN). At present, he is coordinating the GIS Development area in Buenos Aires city government.

I believe Horacio is a very valuable asset for the OSGeo family.

4 Selene Yang Nicaragua From: Veronica Andreo

Selene is co-founder and coordinator of  Geochicas, a gender focused group in the OpenStreetMap community and FOSS4G. She has also been involved in the organization of different FOSS4G related activities like conferences, meetings, workshops. She is currently enrolled in a PhD in Communication. Her research focuses in the necessity of having inclusive communities and gender focused open geospatial data. She also helps with outreach activities through publications on the Geochicas accounts and the media. In all, I believe Selene is a great asset in the community.

5 John Bryant Australia From: Cameron Shorter

He is currently chairing the FOSS4G Oceania regional conference, being run in Australia in November. This conference has already exceeded expectations regarding level of sponsorship, interest, and we are expecting to exceed expected attendance. This is in a large part due to the passion and dedication of the organising committee, which John is playing an excellent leadership role in. This builds upon prior years of experience using and promoting OSGeo software within local advocacy groups, as well as attending international foss4g events.

I find John to be insightful, encouraging of new users, practical in implementation, someone who has indicated that he is going to be involved in OSGeo for the long haul.

I've communicated with John about officially joining OSGeo as a charter member, and he has indicated that he'd be keen to join and contribute further.

From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure and honour to nominate John Bryant from the OSGeo-Australia chapter (and founding member of the OSGeo-Yukon chapter in Canada), to become an OSGeo Charter Member. This is also long overdue, as John has been active promoting OSGeo across the world for so long; John is of course the chair of the upcoming FOSS4G-Sotm-Oceania 2018 event in Melbourne. John is a world-wide leader.

6 Alex Leith Australia From: Cameron Shorter

Alex was instrumental in setting up the new FOSS4G SotM Oceania

Committee, and is the program lead for their inaugural conference event, which is to be held in November in Melbourne, Australia. Alex attended his first FOSS4G in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, in 2018. Additionally, Alex has been a user of open source software for many years, including geospatial applications. Alex participates in providing bug reports and feedback in project forums, and has a number of small pull requests accepted into significant open source projects, like MapBoxGL-Draw.

I've communicated with Alex about officially joining OSGeo as a charter member, and he has indicated that he'd be keen to join and contribute further.

7 Cayetano Benavent Spain From: Daniel Kastl

Cayetano is from Spain and joined the pgRouting project some time ago. He has since then become a very active community member and contributor, representing the project and Open Source GIS at conferences and as a mentor of Google Summer of Code. I'm sure, that Cayetano would be an excellent charter member and representative for OSGeo.

8 Alexander Kotsev Bulgaria From: Marco Minghini

Alex has been working with open source geospatial technology for over 10 years.He has been teaching GISciensce courses since 2004 at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria and has since then extensively been using FOSS4G technology. In the period 2004-2008 he maintained a GRASS mirror at the University of Sofia. Following a Fulbright senior scholarship at the Ohio State University in 2011, he joined the EC Joint Research Centre (JRC) as a Scientific Officer. He is involved in activities with INSPIRE, citizen science and interoperable sensors. For all these activities he is extensively using FOSS4G. He is active in promoting the use of FOSS within the European Commission. In addition, he is delivering regular training on Spatial Data Infrastructures that are based on the OSGeoLive.Alex has contributed to

OSGeo and FOSS4G events at the European and national level with talks, workshops and presentations. He also contributed some documentation to the latest version of the OSGeoLive (and is already planning his contributions to the next one!)

I am sure the OSGeo family would greatly benefit from his inclusion as a Charter Member.

9 Mike Saunt UK From: Steven Feldman

Mike is the founder and MD of Astun Technology. For over 10 years he has been an advocate for open source geo, he has embedded the principals of openness within his company and has been an active supporter, sponsor and contributor to OSGeo both financially and by encouraging/supporting his staff in contributing their time to OSGeo projects, events and activities. Astun under Mike’s leadership is an exemplar of the OSGeo ecosphere.

10 Adam Steer Australia From: Cameron Shorter

Adam has been actively involved in organising the FOSS4G Oceania conference coming to Australia in November 2018. Particularly impressive to me has been his energy and commitment, playing leadership roles in setting up our Travel Grant Program, contributing to our ""Good Mojo"" program, leading the development of our Child Friendly Policy and being a strong advocate for diversity. He has attended and contributed to international FOSS4G events since 2016, including acting as a presenter, workshop facilitator and his small company has been a sponsor. He has recently joined OSGeo's marketing committee and has made small contributions to PDAL and PyWPS.

He has connections across government, industry and academia, and sees himself supporting the goals and outputs of the OSgeo foundation for many years to come.

11 Guillaume Pasero France From: Manuel Grizonnet

Guillaume is a one of most active developers of the ORFEO ToolBox for many years now and also an occasional contributor to OSSIM, OSGeo-Live, GDAL and QGIS.

Guillaume has a very high expertise in geospatial image processing and remote sensing and more generally in the OSGeo ecosystems.

He also share his expertise by helping users on mailing lists and other channels. Following this path, he has given different trainings and workshops related to remote sensing image processing with OSGeo tools. He is also a great advocate of free and open-source software.

In my opinion, he would be a great Charter Member.

12 Marie Anna Baovola Madagascar From: Maëlle Vercauteren

Baovola is very passionate and an active promoter of FOSS4G (particularly Mapbender, PostGIS/PostgreSQL and PgModeler) and OSGeo, notably in Africa. As reminder, she has established the new OSGeo Madagascar Chapter during the FOSS4G 2018 [1]. She works at the National Geographic and Hydrographic Institute of Madagascar as an Information System Officer.

I believe Baovola is a very valuable asset for the OSGeo family.

13 Simon Georget France From: Nicolas Roelandt

Simon is part of OSGeo local chapter here, in France, and fully participate to its activities. He is responsible of the OSGeo-fr non profit infrastructure (website, services) and he invest a lot in OSGeo-fr activities and especially FOSS4G-fr organisation. Simon was also a valuable member of the FOSS4G Europe 2017 LOC. He also promotes FOSS4G in his day job and is the developer of the free software tool Linea21 [1].

14 Kristian Evers Denmark From: Even Rouault

It is my pleasure to nominate Kristian Evers (Denmark) for OSGeo charter membership. Kristian has been one of the primary contributors of PROJ in the last two years and has taken the stick of PROJ Project Steering Committee leader, successfully releasing several versions, including PROJ 5.0, bringing a lot of new capabilities to the library and all downstream projects. Kristian has presented the project in a number of meetings, in particular to the 3rd QGIS Conference in Nødebo, or more recently at FOSS4G-Europe 2018. He also plays as an advocate trying to convince the geodetic community and national mapping agencies across the world to use PROJ and the rest of the OSGeo software stack.

15 Matt Travis UK From: Jo Cook

Matt has been quietly supporting OSGeo, and in particular QGIS, in UK local government for a number of years now. He has been involved in helping to run various events, including FOSS4G 2013, and our FOSS4GUK events in 2016 and 2018. He regularly organises QGIS User Group meetings too. He has also recently taken over as the Treasurer of OSGeo:UK. To my mind he's exactly the sort of person we want as a Charter Member!

16 V Rajesh Chowdhary Thailand From: Ravi Kumar

Dr V Rajesh Chowdhary has more than 7 years of experience in the field of Remote Sensing & GIS. He has obtained his doctorate in Remote Sensing & GIS from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and worked for three years as Research Associate. Currently, he is serving as Associate Professor at International Institute of Information Technology, Pune. He has obtained his Master and Bachelor degree from International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Pune, India and Jawaharlal Technological University Kakinada, India respectively. His research interest includes RS&GIS application in Urban Planning & Management, Urban Disaster Risk Reduction & Management, Forest Carbon Stock, Ionospheric Modelling, Space Weather, GNSS, Web GIS, and Open GIS. His key research projects includes, Research on ionospheric Scintillations in Asia (RISA) using GNSS, 2011- 2014 and Local ionospheric scintillation analysis (LISA) using GNSS stations in Thailand, 2014-2016 respectively, funded by US AOARD (United States Asian Office of Aerospace Research & Development) and Collaborative Research for the Regional Forum on Climate Change on the topic “Developing new methods to monitor forest carbon in Asian tropical forests” 2016 – 2018. He has conducted various workshops and trainings on Geoinformatics across India and Thailand for academic & professional bodies.

17 Peddada Jagadeeswara Rao India From: Ravi Kumar

Prof P.Jagadeeswara Rao, of the Geoengineering Department, is a well known GIS expert of Andhra University. Prof P.Jagadeeswara Ra conducted several well attended events with OSGeo software at Andhra University. His skills include, GIS for Environmental Impact Assessment of Water Resources and Hydrologic and Water Resource Modelling and Simulation. His research items and citations are elaborated in the link below. [1]

From: [[ | Ramamurthy Soma]]

Prof Rao is from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India and promoting the cause of OSGEO with active participation.

I find him fit for all requisite attributes of a Charter member.

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18 Fernando Quadro Brazil From: Jody Garnett

I would like to nominate Fernando Quadro for his contributions to the GeoServer community in South America. Fernando has been (and remains) actively building this community and is responsible for translating project announcements for the region - indeed his blog is featured on for some time (and gathers far more discussion then our project blog).

I won't pretend to know all that Fernando has done but I would like to recognize his contributions and value to the osgeo community with a nomination.

19 Ariel Anthieni Argentina From: Mauricio Miranda

Ariel is a very active member in our local community and also in the spanish speaking local chapter. He is one of the founders of Geoinquietos Argentina, has been involved in all our local events and served as chairman at the FOSS4G-AR 2016. He has played a very important role at the national SDI project in Argentina, mainly leading the metadata team. I'm completely sure he would be a wonderful asset for OSGeo.

20 Jéssica Sena Garcia Spain From: María Arias de Reyna

I want to nominate Jéssica Sena Garcia, Software Engineer and postgraduate in UX. She has been working actively in the geo field for 6 years, starting as a web and mobile developer at the ICGC[0], where she is part of the Geostart innovation group[1]. She is currently in charge of the design and development of the geo-themed mobile apps ecosystem of the institute, based and released as open source. She has also worked actively on, an open source platform for creating and sharing maps. Last year she designed and developed an open source mobile application for the JRC, which aims to capture data from trees in the field, once again betting on the use of technologies and free data.

She is also part of the community of GeoInquiets (Barcelona), participating and organizing whenever necessary. Currently she is also a very active member of the group GeoChicas, linked to OSM with the objective of closing the gender gap in the community. She is in charge of the technical coordination and development of the collaborative project of #LasCallesDeLasMujeres, which was born with the aim of showing on a map, the invisibility of female figures in the physical space of the streets, and also the virtual space, since the project is also linked to the wikipedia community. It has been very well received globally, and therefore, is in the process of growth. At the GeoChicas level, she has also participated in training workshops to share my technical knowledge with other women.

21 Thomas Starnes UK From: Tom Chadwin

Thom works in the UK for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in the UK. He is involved in delivering open source software training and has delivered several presentations to public and scientific audiences on open data and open source software. Thom spoke at FOSS4GUK 2016 and facilitated the lightning talks at FOSS4GUK 2018. He is very much committed to open-source spatial and would be an extremely valued charter member.

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22 Carmen Diez Spain From: María Arias de Reyna

I want to nominate Carmen Diez. She has a Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master in Environmental Engineering and Management of Water. She is currently working in the Regional Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning in Madrid, using GIS in urban planning and spatial development to make a spatial geodatabase with urban planning information. Before that she worked in a private company, modelling with GIS in environmental flow regime, surface water quality and hydraulic modeling flood watersheds of Spain.

She is part of the team of several organizations that support the development of FOSS4G ( Geoinquietos Madrid , AESIG and treasurer in the Spanish QGIS Association). She advocates in the use of free GIS and creation of Open Databases, as well as participates in humanitarian mapping events( WaterHack 2018 ) or local development ( Mapping Party Sevilla 2014 y Accessibility Mapping Party Madrid 2018 ).

In the last years, she has attended several national events ( SIGLibre 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 , Geocamp 2016 and 2017 , CARTO Locations 2018 ) and also international ones ( FOSS4G 2013 in Nottingham-England, FOSS4G EU 2015 in Como-Italy and 2018 in Guimarães-Portugal) all ones related to Open Sources and Free GIS. She has contributed to the preparation of the FOSS4G EU Sevilla candidacy in 2017 and she is currently organizing Geocamp 2018 in Madrid, an unconference related to the Spanish and Portuguese geospatial communities.

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23 Sidney Schaberle Goveia Brazil From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure and honour to nominate Sidney Schaberle Goveia from the QGIS-Brazil community to become an OSGeo Charter Member. Sidney is very well known locally as he has been promoting, teaching, and giving courses in QGIS and other OSGeo tools since 2009 or earlier. Sidney is one of the leaders of the QGIS-Brazil Users Group, and recently represented QGIS-Brazil at the FOSS4G-GOV event in Brasilia a few weeks ago. Sidney deserves much thanks and recognition for all of his efforts to promote and teach Open.

24 George Porto Ferreira Brazil From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure and honour to nominate George Porto Ferreira from the OSGeo-Brazil community to become an OSGeo Charter Member. George was the chair of the successful FOSS4G-GOV 2018 event a few weeks ago in Brasilia, an event focusing on the use of FOSS4G within government agencies throughout Brazil. He also is one of the leaders of IBAMA, Brazil's large federal agency that is tasked with protecting the Amazon; IBAMA is made up of 5000 employees throughout Brazil, and with the help of both George and Luiz Motta, IBAMA has been mandated to leverage Open Source solutions. It is my honour to nominate George for all of his leadership in the Brazil community.

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25 Diego Moreira Carvalho Brazil From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure and honour to nominate Diego Moreira Carvalho from the OSGeo-Brazil community to become an OSGeo Charter Member. Diego is a developer in the Brasilia community who has been contributing and promoting OSGeo locally for a long time, through QGIS plugins and solutions, translations etc. Diego operates a private consulting company leveraging FOSS4G, and regularly works with the Brazilian IBAMA government agency, helping to develop solutions to prevent deforestation of the Amazon. It is my honour to promote and thank Diego for his leadership.

A sample of some of his efforts:

26 Luiz Motta Brazil From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure and honour to nominate Luiz Motta from the OSGeo-Brazil community to become an OSGeo Charter Member. Many in the community will know Luiz since he is a frequent FOSS4G attendee each year, and for his many contributions to the QGIS community. He recently participated in the QGIS Zanzibar Hackfest, and contributes several plugins to the QGIS community. Locally Luiz helps lead the Brazilian community in using, translating, and developing with QGIS and FOSS4G solutions, and is a constant vocal voice promoting Open in Brazil.

A sample of some of his efforts:

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27 Tom Ingold US? From: Jody Garnett

It is my pleasure to nominate Tom Ingold as a long standing member of our community, responsible for lots of amazing work. My first experience of Tom was presenting workshops at foss4g 2015 in Korea. In addition to speaking at foss4g events Tom is active across a wide range of our community from the occasional development to recent work on standards and interoperability.

28 Karine Jean Canada From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure and honour to nominate Karine Jean from the OSGeo-Quebec chapter to become an OSGeo Charter Member. Karine is currently on the Board of the OSGeo-Quebec local chapter in Canada, and has been actively organizing OSGeo-Qc events across Canada for many years now. As the lead organizer, Karine recently led the planning of Rendez-vous Géomatique a few weeks ago in Quebec. Please welcome Karine Jean as an OSGeo Charter Member.

29 Jeff Hamm Canada From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure and honour to nominate Jeff Hamm from the OSGeo-Yukon chapter in Canada (, to become an OSGeo Charter Member. This is long overdue, as Jeff has been a longtime vocal promoter of OSGeo since its formation, and even before that back at North America's first Open Source GIS conference, at OSGIS 2004 in Ottawa. Always focused on land use and rights of peoples across Canada, Jeff is a strong voice for leveraging FOSS4G throughout all areas of Canada in his travels. Thank you Jeff you deserve the recognition and appreciation.

30 Cristian Zamar Argentina From: Mauricio Miranda

Cristian has been contributing to different FOSS4G projects and events from the beginning of his developer career.

He is a member of Geoinquietos Argentina and an OSS enthusiast. He participated in the organization of the FOSS4G-AR Conferences in 2016 and 2017 and leaded the IT team of the SDI of Argentina for six years.

Based on his experience and knowledge I'm sure Cristian could contribute a lot to OSGeo as Charter Member.

31 Marco Bernasocci Switzerland From: Anita Graser

I'd like to nominate Marco Bernasocci ( | @mbernasocchi).

Marco has been a member of the QGIS community for a long time and is currently serving on the QGIS PSC. He is an open source advocate, consultant, teacher and developer from Switzerland. He speaks Italian, German, French English and Spanish. He is the director of which he founded in 2011 and where he and his team develop, train and consult clients on open source GIS.

(There's a longer introduction written by himself at

32 Miriam González Mexico From: María Arias de Reyna

Miriam[0] is co-founder of projects based in Mobile Applications and Location Intelligence technologies and Geochicas initiative. The Geochicas initiative aims to bring more women to collaborate in the data creation of OpenStreetMap and promote more women participation and knowledge sharing in the Geospatial spaces.

For the past years Miriam has been highly involved in promoting OpenStreetmap and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap (HOTOSM) increasing the participation of the community in Mexico and LatAm by giving workshops, conferences and coordinating efforts among Open Data key players. Currently she is involved in Open Data, Autonomous vehicles and data analysis initiatives.

33 Vivek Saxena India From: Ravi Kumar Vundavilli

Working as senior scientist at defence Terrain research Labotary(DTRL), Metcalfe House, Delhi-54, INDIA. Graduate degree in B.Tech (CS) from Aligarh Muslim University(AMU) in 1999 the Post Graduate degree of MBA from DMS, IIT-D in 2010. Area of work is Remote Sensing, GIS, Terrain Analysis.

At DTRL, head of team developping an application enabled GIS software by customizing the FOSS4G software tools (QGIS, PostGRE and other FOSS libraries). Currently started work on customization of ""GeoServer"" for SDI application.

From: Harish K. Solanki

Working as senior scientist at defence Terrain research Labotary (DTRL), Metcalfe House, Delhi-54, INDIA. Graduate degree in B.Tech (CS) from Aligarh Muslim University(AMU) in 1999 the Post Graduate degree of MBA from DMS, IIT-D in 2010.

Area of work is Remote Sensing, GIS, Terrain Analysis.

At DTRL, head of team developping an application enabled GIS software by customizing the FOSS4G software tools (QGIS, PostGRE and other FOSS libraries). Currently started work on customization of ""GeoServer"" for SDI application.

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34 Jim Hughes US From: Jody Garnett

Jim is a wonderful addition to our community, quietly enabling all those around him. In addition to speaking at foss4g events Jim is dedicated to building community as part of the foss4g na governance committee. He has been a steady and kind precedes at foss4g code sprints helping introduce new developers to our community and the open source lifestyle we enjoy.

On the technical side Jim works with the GeoMesa project and is responsible for brining cloud solutions to the GeoServer community. As part of this community he has attended GeoServer code sprints and is responsible for the recent update to use the latest JTS.

35 Eugene Cheipesh US? From: Jody Garnett

It is my sincere pleasure to nominate Eugene as a charter member for the OSGeo foundation. Eugene has been a staple of the foss4g North American community attending events and code sprints since at least 2016. Eugene is great at communicating new ideas and technical challenges with entertaining presentations at foss4g global. More importantly he is a kind and thoughtful addition to our community who respects all those around him.

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