British Columbia Chapter Membership

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Membership in the BC Local Chapter is entirely open to anyone who supports our mission. Please fill in your name, join our mailing list, and start helping out!

Current Membership

in alphabetical order by last name

  • Eric Andersen, Canadian Forest Products Ltd., Prince George
  • Jason Birch, City of Nanaimo, Nanaimo
  • Max Bottoni, Sierra Systems, Vancouver
  • Charles Burnett, Geomemes Research, Victoria
  • Will Cadell, Timberline Natural Resource Group, Prince George
  • Clare Caldicott, Sierra Systems
  • Yao Cui, BC Government
  • Rick Davidson, TELUS, Burnaby
  • Martin Davis, Refractions Research, Victoria
  • Justin Deoliveira, The Open Planning Project, Victoria
  • Tony Dinneen, Jacques Whitford - Axys Ltd, Sidney
  • Bruce Dodson, Burnaby
  • Scott Emmons, GeoBorealis, Prince George
  • Rob Frame, Sierra Systems
  • Jody Garnett, Refractions Research, Victoria
  • Michael P. Gerlek, LizardTech, Seattle
  • Brian Goble, Cowichan Valley Regional District
  • Nicholas Hadaller, Nanaimo
  • Daniel Hirner, BC Electoral Boundaries Commission
  • Kevin Ji, Sierra Systems
  • Ken Johansson, District of North Saanich, Victoria
  • Nicole Jung, Global CADD Systems
  • Rob Knight, Community Mapping Network
  • Martin Kyle, Sierra Systems, Vancouver
  • Brian Low, Natural Resources Canada (National Forest Information System), Victoria
  • Andrew Marsh, TELUS, Burnaby
  • Dean C. Mikkelsen, Terra ETL Ltd., Victoria
  • Tyler Mitchell, OSGeo, Williams Lake
  • Jonathan Morgan, Sierra Systems, Vancouver
  • Dave Patton, CIS, Victoria
  • Paul Ramsey, Refractions Research, Victoria
  • Alison Rowles, Global CADD Systems, Vancouver
  • Ken Sam, BGC Engineering, Vancouver
  • Kaitlin Duck Sherwood, UBC MS/CS graduate student
  • Kevin Smith, Boundless, Victoria
  • Samuel Smith, Groundlevel Geographics, Victoria
  • Tim Taylor, City of Nanaimo, Nanaimo
  • Annika Wilczewski, JIBC, New Westminster
  • Ronnie Wahi, Pacific Alliance Technologies
  • Chris Webber, Pacific Alliance Technologies
  • Chris West, Natural Resources Canada (National Forest Information System), Victoria
  • Tim Wilson, map IT, Vancouver
  • Gerry James, Carteryx Geomatics Consultants, Vancouver
  • Mike Fowler, Western Forest Products Inc., Campbell River
  • Michael Weisman, Safe Software, Surrey
  • Casey Vandenberg, S.J.V. Consulting, Delta
  • Tim Webb, EmerGeo Software Solutions, Vancouver