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Upgrade happened on Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at 00:00:00 GMT/UTC' Notes below are for tracking any outstanding issues and for posterity's sake.

OCS v2.0.0.1 was the first version of OCS used for the conference web site at The upgrade will bring the site up to OCS v2.1 which addresses many of the outstanding issues note on the FOSS4G2008 Committee Issues page.

Upgrade will happen in three stages: set up a skeleton copy under the new version of the software, copy the final database over, then switch the web server settings to point to the new site.

Install Shadow Site

  1. Set up v2.1 instance at -- Tyler
  2. Main administrators to check that they can log in properly -- Gavin, Graeme, Inge, ???
  3. Managers to check files/documents are up to date (cross off below when complete): -- Gavin, Graeme, Inge, ???
    1. Logos - ticked by Graeme (some logos, e.g. footers are hard references e.g. ; this should not be a problem when moving, for these links will point to the same place in the new version, no? )
    2. PDFs - seem to be there
    3. CSS - fiddled with and uploaded by Graeme. A few modifications for head-h1 to make logo center
    4. ... other static content files
  4. Note missing file or issues here:
    1. NB bug in OCS2.1 prevents Program from being viewed. - Tyler created and applied a patch - yippee!
    2. header logo not appearing -fixed
    3. Any chance to change the title in the Accomodations template to say something like Accomodation and Travel? - Tyler changed
    4. Buzzfuse widget is working - maybe we can pitch that as a feedback mechanism? I'll get onto it - we can get a premier account and set questions that we would like to receive feedback from. One of the obvious things that Tyler has mentioned is that it provides an indication of who will wish to attend a given presentation - helping eventual timings and room allocation...
    5. scheduled_tasks option in the OCS configuration file should be enabled - automated notification e-mails rely on it - Tyler enabled - does it work??
    6. Presentation search tool had some troubles, Tyler patched it
    7. Header image in program had wrong dimensions, Tyler removed height/width constraints
    8. Logos in footer are now too wide due to left sidebar. Tyler reduced both logos to 200px wide.

Final Database Copy

After the Early Bird Registration date - June 20th:

  1. Backup the production database -- Tyler
  2. Import the database into the 2.1 instance -- Tyler
  3. Managers to confirm import worked well -- Gavin, Graeme, Inge, ???
    1. Check number of registrants
    2. Check paper and workshop listings

Switch Addresses

Once above is complete:

  1. Switch web server aliases to swap the subdomain names of the two OCS instances. -- Tyler
  2. Update both OCS files to provide new site URL -- Tyler
  3. Test/check registration processes -- Gavin, Graeme, Inge, ???
    1. Accommodation and Travel: when loading the accommodation and travel page to edit as conf admin, text previously loaded does not appear (possibly a caching issue, but I cleared cache and loaded in another browser and still nothing appeared. However the output appears properly.

In case it is lost and needs to be reloaded here is content updated on 7 August by Gavin:

<LI>FOSS4G 2008 Events: <a href="">Event Information</a></LI>
<LI>Let the Conference Organisers help: <a href="" target="_blank">Things to do</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">Accommodation</a></LI>
<LI>Find your own accommodation, including budget options and room sharing: <a href="" target="_blank">FOSS4G2008 'do-it-yourself' wiki</a></LI>
<LI><a href="" target="_blank">What's on in Cape Town</a> around FOSS4G2008?</LI>
<LI>New York Times article: <a href="" target="_blank">'What to do on a weekend in Cape Town'</a></LI>
<LI>Visiting Cape Town: <a href="">Information</a></LI>
Travelling to Conference and getting around: <a href="">Travel Information</a></LI>
<LI>More travel and tourism ideas: <a href="" target="_blank">FOSS4G2008 Tourism wiki</a></LI>
<LI>Sunset and sunrise during FOSS4G 2008: Dawn around 6am and dusk around 7pm. See more <a href="" target="_blank">here</a></LI>

Further issues

If issues aren't listed here then see FOSS4G2008_Committee_Issues#OCS_website_management