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Motto / Slogan 10 years of Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Building Bridges in Bonn Join us in Bonn





Early bird discount

For the organization it has a lot of advantages to know as early as possible how many folks will turn up. Over the last FOSS4G's the week before the (often re-scheduled) closure of the early bird discount shows a peak in registration. Generally, half of the final number of registrations is an early bird.


  • T shirt with logos of all previous FOSS4Gs plus the ability zo mark them as "I've been there".
  • Distribute these shirts in advance to early birds subscribers.
  • Connect it to an viral "show your Fo|SS4G 2016 shirt at special places and locatins (taj Mahal, local OSGeo event, North Pole, your pet wearing it etc. or on any bridge ;-)).
  • Show these results on Facebook

Other benefits:

  • Save your bed in BaseCamp
  • Save up your participation of the worksohps, as they are very often early overbooked



Month Date Action Responsible
June 23 X Name.
June 00 X Name.
July 00 X Name.


  • Through OSGeo account
    • hashtag #osgeo #foss4g and #foss4g2016

GIS Magazines & portals

  • Some 50 more: [2]

General open source-friendly magazines and portals

  • Linux Journal,,, [3],

OSGeo related sites

  • Local chapters
  • OSGeo projects
  • Discuss mailing list


Postcards can be distributed at other events (e.g in the goodie bag)

  • Events from local chapters. Thus: distribute postcards to local chapters
  • Other gepspatial events
  • Other open source releted events

Knowledge from previous FOSS4Gs

General OSGeo marketing thoughts

  • At least over the last year, the marketing mailing list [7] focusses on technical aspects (printing USB sticks, OSGeo flyer design, Paypal account etc.)
  • Marketing committee itself has shown much activity over the last three years
  • Board_Meeting_2013-02-26#Board_Priorities

Bonn's Unique selling points / themes / Leitmotive

  • Nature
    • River Rhine
    • Siebengebirge
  • Culture
    • Beethovens place of birth [[8]]
    • Scientific museum Deutsches Museum Bonn
  • Sports and leisure
    • Baseball, Basketball
    • Other major sports in nearby Cologne (20 km): soccer, icehockey
  • Sustainability
  • Politics
    • Conference in former pleanry building/pleanry chamber
  • History
    • UN
    • Museum Haus der Geschichte
  • 10 years [[10]]