Fifth VisCom Meeting Minutes

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The fifth meeting was held May 25th, 2006. The agenda can be found at Fifth_VisCom_Meeting.

The meeting was held via conf call, lasting an hour. mpg ran the meeting.

Attendees: Tyler, Daniel, Peter, Arnulf, mpg


Tyler disavowed any responsibility for the "newsletter" agenda item; it later was discovered mpg had tried to pin this one on him.

Daniel is looking into getting RSS feeds for the main site and the project-specific sites -- this will form a sort of a newsletter.

Discussed that a "real" newsletter -- by email or (gasp) hardcopy is still valuable to some. The GRASS newsletter is a good role model for this. No work on this until after Where and the F2F; mpg to put up a wiki page for ideas. Go here: Newsletter Notes.

Motto and Logo Status

Daniel reports motto voting well underway, due to be done tomorrow. He will hand off to Peter for legal review before announcing.

Peter reports logo is A-OK as far as trademarking, etc, etc. He will be providing general trademark usage guidelines for us, a la the privacy policy, etc, etc.

We will have (soon!) a page with formal downloaded files for the logo, etc. Noted that we will be wanting version with just the compass, compass plus name but not motto, etc, etc. Having Pantone numbers would be nice, too.

Where 2.0 Event

  • attendees: mpg has a list going on his Shirts page, we're at ~15ish already.
  • shirts: mpg is forging ahead, budget issues notwithstanding. $400 rush fee will be required. See Shirt. Good response from members so far. Will be sending out shirt style requests in a day or two.
  • press event
    • mpg just about done, Kristen will take over from here
    • mpg will get participant bios finished and handed off
    • mpg will try to get Rich G. to agree to be on-site coordinator
    • Kristen to get mpg list of press contacts
  • speakers and BOFfers: Tyler (and Chris) working to coordinate. Good coverage for almost all OSGeo constituencies. Goal is to be sure and give a BOF spot to those without a main-stage spot.
  • Ad status: Peter has sent this off for publication.
  • Flyer status: Peter will provide 300 handouts of the flyer (same as the ad); Tyler is working on the per-project handouts.
  • Passes: Autodesk has some, Tyler has some (from Nat). We are distributing to the needy as per emailed policy.
  • Booth
    • Peter has some Autodesk event coordinators in control of this. It will be a 10x10, have power, etc. Bring your own laptop, probably.
    • Still working out details of who will be manning the booth when.
    • Tyler to look into getting larger posters, like Arnulf had for LinuxTag.
  • Pixie Hunt: mpg unsure what this is, but sounded fun. Tyler and/or mpg to try and get an OSGeo team together.

InterGeo Event

Discussion of lack of action on this, as only Arnulf is German. No action taken; agreed we need locale-specific Vis/Outreach support in general.

Next Meeting

Our next regular meeting will be in two weeks, same time and number and channel.