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Estos son los diferentes pasos que ha ido dando el capítulo para formalizarse con la Fundación, se dejan aquí para los archivos.

Pasos para la formalización del capítulo

In order to form a chapter, the following steps should be taken:


"OSGeo Chapter" should self-organize (for instance in the OSGeo wiki, via OSGeo mailing list, etc), seeking to determine if a critical mass of interest exists to justify a chapter. Mailing List and this page. Hope to have soon a dedicated Wiki and a Web Site.

"OSGeo Chapter" should prepare a mission and objectives indicating the scope of the planned chapter (geographic or linquistic extent for instance). The mission is to sustain and spread OSGeo principles in Spanish Language without country borders limitations.
“OSGeo Chapter” should propose an official representative to liaise with the OSGeo Board. If accepted by the board, the representative will be an officer of OSGeo. Message at Board mailing list.
“OSGeo Chapter” should submit an official expression of interest (also in Spanish) to form a chapter to the OSGeo board, listing initial members, mission, representative and other supporting information Message at Board mailing list.
The OSGeo board shall then consider passing a motion forming the chapter, and designating the liason officer. See logs at 08:51 and Meeting minutes

In considering the formation of new OSGeo chapters, the board will consider issues including:

  • Does the mandate (geographically or linguistically) conflict with other existing chapters or chapters-in-formation?
  • Does the chapter appear to have sufficient interest to justify official formation?
  • Does the chapter appear to be open to broad membership, and representative of the target geographic or linguistic community? (eg. if a chapter had the objective to cover all Spanish speakers, it would be inappropriate if the only interest demonstrated was from one country)

Noticias sobre la Formalización del capítulo