Fundraising 2010

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This document builds on earlier concepts discussed via the Fundraising Committee and on more recent discussions in the special Board meetings on the topic.


To continue and expand funding for OSGeo activities.

  • Securing a few more large sponsors
  • Securing several smaller sponsors

insert budget $$ targets here


Identifying Contacts

Managing potential sponsor contacts involves:

  1. identifying the people,
  2. delivering a message,
  3. following up, and
  4. tracking/updating the status and updating others on the board

A private spreadsheet or email may be best way to track this.

  • Each director identify 2 potential contacts for sponsorship each month and report at monthly meeting
  • Compile list of large governments moving to FOSS
  • Identify potential sponsors from the OSGeo community
    • From groups we personally know
    • Service Providers Directory is a good source
    • Appeal to main discussion list, potential "new" announcements may serves as a good opportunity to share funding needs

Link to Contact Directory

Governments in FOSS

Focusing on FOSS-friendly governments may be one way of both starting discussions about OSGeo, discovering shared objectives, finding funding partners for programs or gaining sponsors.

  • Comprehensive country by country list (PDF) from
  • Start with countries, regions, large cities that have a FOSS mandate
  • Deliver small (1-2 day) events in a large city, draws attendees from a large area
  • Which areas will have biggest challenge/need for guidance? e.g. some gov't officially moving to FOSS. How can we help them by giving them sponsorship opportunities along with guidance. Some admit they need help implementing their vision (Indonesia: IGOS, e.g.)

Sectors Needing FOSS

  • US Government identified 5 key sectors, one is geo and one is open source
    • Open source for America - geo is there
  • Energy/transportation - FOSS penetration = zero. URISA presentations are good place to connect.
  • Municipal gov needs - smaller budgets but don't have $ for proprietary stuff. Their own revenue is getting smaller with tax crunch/stretch. Utilities in particular.
  • Rural coops? local govs that could use help (NRECA?)
  • Other verticals: military, utilities, gov, each with their own industry associations. Target association meetings for promotion and high level followups.



  • FOSS4G - is a major success and opportunity. Gaining sponsorship for specific events is often much easier than general funding for a sponsorship program, since it comes from marketing budgets.
  • More similar events could help raise funds and is within OSGeo's mission.
  • Design a virtual package for easy use and implementation of generic events. Including branding for OSGeo and the partner, and revenue sharing. Example scenarios include local chapters, academics or consultants who want assistance delivering an event in their region and share branding/revenue with OSGeo. This could be a 'proactive' approach that others can 'buy into'.
  • What kind of local chapter events could be better supported and help raise funds for both OSGeo and the chapter?


Potential things OSGeo might do, within its mission, to encourage use of its projects while also aiding adopters and raising funds.

  • Connect companies together through face-to-face networking meetings
  • Provide round table discussions at events or private meetings - e.g. "Have OSGeo at your event". Members or directors could provide input to 'clients' on their direction.
  • High level meetings or training sessions, maybe following other events.
  • OSGeo could provide a public list of potential speakers. Promoted as "have OSGeo at your event! contact us... get a speaker, develop a training sessions, host a roundtable", etc. e.g. organised by partners, invite people in a region for shorter or longer events. "Need a training event for a particular product? We can help provide a presenter or team".
  • Coupling a board/director meeting with an event, e.g. experts meeting in India. face-to-face but with potential to making money by hosting an event, or meeting with potential sponsors.
  • More money available for 'training' than esoteric reasons, even virtual attendance at events. (Autodesk university a good example).
  • Certification of corporate use of OSGeo related projects? - Certification Committee