GEOS Report 2008

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  • Contact name: Paul Ramsey

Key Accomplishments

  • Completed all code review and administrivia necessary to complete the Incubation process. Working on achieving a requisite amount of project activity to receive Graduation.
  • Completed the 3.1 release cycle, which brought some great performance features to the community
    • Faster predicates
    • Faster unions
    • Single-sided buffering
    • Thread-safety
    • More bug fixes and platform support

Areas for Improvement

  • GEOS continues to struggle without sufficient maintenance resources, so activity and progress are relatively slow
  • JTS has added some important improvements to speed and reliability of buffers and unions that would be good to port forward

Opportunities to Help

  • General bug fixing and maintenance, simply learning enough of the code base to be a helpful contributor
  • Documentation in-code remains somewhat weak. The C-API could use a complete Doxygen set

Outlook for 2009

  • The community is not shrinking and GEOS continues to garner corporate interest
  • The possibility of becoming the "GDAL of geometry" remains, with an associated increase in development time