Geodata Committee Meeting 20060406

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Public Geospatial Data Committee Meeting 2006-Apr-06

Meeting Info

 Chair: Jo Walsh
 Minutes: Schuyler Erle
 IRC: #osgeo channel on
 Date: 2006-Apr-07 (at least in the Americas and Europe)
 Time: Thursday, 17:00 UTC

Agenda Items

Old Business

New Business



Schuyler Erle, John Graham, Jeff McKenna, Jo Walsh, Frank Warmerdam, Ned Horning, Perry Nacionales, Dan Putler

please add yourself ;-)


Data Hosting

  • The Public Geospatial Data Committee (i.e. 'we') plans to host data at, courtesy of John Graham and the SDSC.
  • Agreed we should start by hosting +/- two showcase data sets, one raster, one vector.
  • Agreed we should host these datasets in their original formats first, before adding derivative/value-added versions.
  • Agreed we should host download via HTTP, download via BitTorrent, and OGC Web Service access.
  • Agreed we should peer datasets through GeoTorrent. Noted that they have data format requirements for hosted data sets that may not meet our needs -- e.g. VMap0. Frank Warmerdam will speak with Richard Orchard of GeoTorrent about this.
  • Schuyler volunteers to sketch out a plan for hosting two three initial datasets
    • Start with VMap0, Blue Marble NG, SRTM30
    • Host WMS/WCS via MapServer, WFS via GeoServer
    • Provide human- and machine-readable metadata for all three

Metadata Standards

  • Concern over metadata standards like FGDC that may be irrelevant or raise too high a barrier to contribution by users.
  • Discussion of the basic minimum of metadata attributes to make a data set useful
    • File format
    • Projection
    • Text description
    • Ownership/provenance
    • License
    • Source URL
  • Action Items
    • Jo agrees to work out what is already expressed in very common metadata namespaces like Dublin Core and FOAF versus what may need to be expressed in a custom or domain-specific (e.g. GML) namespace (such as representing projection, extent data etc that can be inferred from OGR).
    • John will talk to GEON participants about their work in agreeing on common metadata.