Geodata Committee Ninth Meeting

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Meeting Info

 Chair: Jo Walsh 
 IRC: #osgeo channel on (or via Web based IRC client)
 Date: 2006-August-30 (at least in the Americas and Europe)
 Time: 1600 GMT / 1100 East Coast / 1700 Europe (fixed time)


  • How metadata collecting interface is holding up to peoples data hosting reqs.
  • Assessment of what data sets are available now
  • Assessment of what data sets people are anxious to get into redistribution
  • VMap0-clean - has it been possible to get any more clarity from ESRI about the extent of their claimed IP in the political boundary layer
    • ... in working on a cleaned-up distribution that can be re-annotated
  • Plans to connect more with FAO GeoNetwork espec. when that project enters OSGeo incubation