Google Summer of Code 2018 Improvements

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This page collects suggestions and ideas for improvement of OSGeo Google Summer of Code

  • See also lesson learned from 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011
  • Add your idea here: Explain it here.
  • Communication between mentors and student
Use a tool, such as Trello, to setup to do lists and track progress of students.
VLC community does a Face-to-Face meeting between their mentors and students.
  • Regular meetings (e.g. weekly) between mentors and student
Regular meetings ensure that the mentors and students stay active. These meetings can be 10 minutes or longer, the idea is just to discuss the plan for the week, for example.
  • Retaining students after GSoC
GSoC is a good opportunity to increase the capacity with in the community. Work on a strategy to make the students feel more part of the community and contribute in the future.

Topics to be discussed at the upcoming Mentor summit

Google mentor summit is a great occasion to meet other organizations and gsoc admins and share good practices, clarify doubts, discuss potential problems and possible improvements. There is always room for improvement! So please, list hereinafter suggestions on topics that you wish your OSGeo delegates should bring to mentor summit for discussion.

  • Add your idea here: Explain it here.