IncCom Meeting12

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Proposed date: Monday, September 8th 2008

Proposed time: 20:30 UTC - Fixed time around the world (4:30pm EST)

Proposed location: IRC channel #osgeo (alternative Web client).


  • Approve minutes from IncCom Meeting11.
  • Approve Jorge Sanz as a member of the incubation committee.
  • Discuss readiness of other projects to graduate
    • OSSIM: [1], [2], [3]
    • MapServer: What is outstanding?
  • Discuss retiring projects from active status with OSGeo (ie. MapBuilder).
  • Review Cameron's proposal for legal review of each project before graduation (defer).


In attendance: FrankW, CameronS, DanielM, MarkL, JodyG, PaulR.

  • Minutes of previous meeting were approved.
  • Mark Lucas was added to the committee.
  • An offer of membership will be extended to Paul Ramsey, Jorge Sanz and Markus Lupp.
  • In general the project representatives of any project coming into incubation will be offered membership on the committee.
  • OSSIM graduation status discussed, and it was agreed that MarkL would address issues raised back in March on the incubator list.
  • It was agreed that in-incubation projects should be asked to provide a brief status report by email to the list before each incubation committee meeting.
  • STARSpan application was generally well received, but no one stepped forward to volunteer as a mentor.
  • DanielM reluctantly volunteered to mentor for MetaCRS - a motion will follow on the mailing list.
  • Cameron agreed to draft "Project End Of Life Guidelines" for review by the committee to address situations like that of MapBuilder.