IncCom Meeting14

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Proposed date: We/Th, 10/11 of March 2010.

Proposed time 19:30 UTC

Proposed location: IRC channel #osgeo (alternative Web client).



Full Log:

Attending: Daniel Morissette, Judit Mays, Paul Spencer, Jorge Sanz, Markus Schneider, Cameron Shorter, Tyler Mitchell, Pieter De Graef, Dirk Frigne

  • Minutes of last meeting adopted.
  • Considered Project Retiring Process and recommended several improvements. Cameron will call for a vote on the list once the changes are incorporated.
  • Considered Project Graduation Checklist. There was a failure to achieve consensus on stricter requirements for quality control and incorporation into multi-project binary distributions.
  • Considered application for geomajas. A motion was passed recommending to the board that geomajas be accepted into incubation with Paul Spencer as mentor, and Pieter De Graef as project representative.
  • Markus Lupp has stepped down from the committee as his career has taken him in new, and unrelated directions.
  • Some general discussion including:
    • whether our pending and in-incubation lists are being properly maintained (Frank agreed to work on this)
    • whether we have too many overlapping projects
    • how to judge if a project is too small/immature
    • possible roles for OSGeo Labs
    • whether we ought to be rejecting or otherwise acting on some of the old applications.
    • a review of the PyWPS application
  • The meeting was closed.