IncCom Meeting13

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Proposed date: Thursday, October 29th, 2009.

Proposed time: 15:00 UTC - Fixed time around the world (11:00am EST)

Proposed location: IRC channel #osgeo (alternative Web client).


  • Approve minutes from IncCom Meeting12.
  • Consider additions to committee membership.
  • Discuss readiness of deegree for graduation.
  • Discuss pending applications, and available mentors.
  • Consider motion for MapFish to enter incubation with Gary Sherman as mentor.
  • Consider motion for GeoServer to enter incubation with Richard Gould as mentor.
  • Discuss Arnulf's idea about shared communication infrastructure.
  • Consider additional requirements for incubation graduation.


Full log:

Attending: Frank Warmerdam (chair), Paul Spencer, Judit Mays, Markus Schneider, Howard Butler, Steve Lime, Jeroen Ticheler, Steffen Thomas (guest), Alexander Padberg (guest), Chip Mefford (guest), Jens Fitzke (guest), Herman Assink (guest)

  • Minutes of last meeting approved.
  • Motion: Judit Mays and Markus Schneider added to the incubation committee.
  • Note to query Paul Ramsey to see if he will accept the nomination to the committee made a year ago.
  • Extensive discussion of deegree incubation status. Some concerns around the role of the TMC but generally supportive. Plan for the incubation committee members to dig into documents, hopefully leading to a motion to graduate within the next few weeks.
  • Regarding pending incubation applications, Markus Schneider volunteered to mentor PyWPS but a motion to recommend the project for incubation was deferred to the list to consider whether the project is ready for incubation.
  • Motion: MapFish recommended to the board for incubation with Gary Sherman as mentor.
  • Motion: GeoServer recommanded to the board for incubation with Richard Gould as mentor.
  • Discussion of shared communication infrastructure deferred to the mailing list.
  • Some concerns raised about Camerons suggestions for additional requirements, with further discussion deferred to the mailing list.