IncCom Meeting2

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Proposed date: Monday March 20th 2006.

Proposed time: 2:00 noon EST (GMT+5), 11:00am PST. - Fixed time around the world

Proposed location: #osgeo IRC channel on


  • Discussion of code provenance review policies.


The meeting was called to order at 2:05 EST, Monday March 20th, 2006. (IRC log)

In attendance were Frank Warmerdam, Eric Raymond. Daniel Brookshier, Markus Neteler, Steve Lime, Chris Holmes, Norman Vine, Rich Steele, Cameron Shorter, Perry Nacionales, Stefano Costa and Cedric Shock.

  1. The minutes of the meeting of March 13th were approved.
  2. Eric Raymond presented his reasons why contribution agreements are harmful, and there was extensive discussion on the point.
  3. Chris Holmes moved to strike the right to relicense option from the CLA was tabled but since there were multiple dissenters the chair set aside the motion.
  4. Daniel Brookshier moved to drop the requirement for a CLA for foundation projects. Seconded by Chris Holmes. With the understanding that individual projects can still use the CLA, the motion was carried without any objections.
  5. Eric Raymond took an action item to draft a statement for OSGeo on CLAs and policy with respect to third-party IP rights and remediation thereof for review by Rich Steele, and the board.
  6. Next we discussed appropriate steps to vette current and future code in OSGeo projects. Frank Warmerdam took an action item to prepare and present a suggested incubation code vetting checklist at the next meeting.
  7. Daniel Brookshier took an action item to present details on costing and features/approach for Black Duck and Palimino code analysis packages.
  8. Daniel presented the Incubator Application Form and asked that the committee review it with the aim of approving it at the next meeting.
  9. The next meeting will be 2:00pm EST on Monday March 27th.
  10. Meeting closed at 3:53pm EST.