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Proposed date: Monday March 27th 2006.

Proposed time: 2:00pm EST (GMT+5), 11:00am PST. - Fixed time around the world

Proposed location: #osgeo IRC channel on


  • Add Markus Neteler as an official member of the committee representing GRASS.
  • Add Paul Spencer as a member of the committee.
  • Discuss making automatic build and smoke test as a highly desired feature of OSGeo projects. (FrankW)
  • Review info on code vetting software (Black Duck, Palamino). (DanielB)
  • Discuss use of CollabNet infrastructure, migration paths in and out, etc. (CameronS)


The meeting was called to order at 2:05pm, EST, March 27th, 2006.

Individuals present included Frank Warmerdam (Chair), Norman Vine, Daniel Brookshier, Cameron Shorter, Anselm Hook, Allan Doyle, Markus Neteler, Paul Spencer, Rich Steele, Jo Walsh, Schuyler Erle, Chris Holmes and Howard Butler.

  • Minutes of March 20th approved.
  • Markus Neteler was approved as a member of the committee, representing GRASS.
  • Paul Spencer was approved as a member of the committee.
  • The draft Code Provenance Review was approved with the understanding that lots of details remain to be worked out. DanielB took an action item to prepare a form based on it.
  • There was a discussion of whether the CollabNet infrastructure is appropriate for the needs of our projects, and what the implications would be if we discontinued service with Collabnet in the future. It was agreed that a wiki page would be prepared addressing provided services, needed services, and migration strategies.
  • It was agreed that it is highly desirable that projects have an automated build and smoke test in place upon completion of incubation. Norman Vine, Howard Butler, FrankW and MarkusN will work on putting build and smoke tests into place on Telascience/OSGeo hardware over the next couple weeks for GDAL, MapServer and GRASS.
  • DanielB reported on his findings with regard to Black Duck and Palamida. They are quite pricey for our size code base and are mostly oriented towards finding license conflicts or OS codein proprietary code bases. Rich Steele will look into whether we can get free use for OSGeo.
  • The Incubator Application Form was reviewed, adjusted and approved for DanielB to put on the public site for projects that are interested in joining to fill out.

The meeting was closed at 3:45pm EST.