IncCom Meeting8

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Proposed date: Monday October 30th 2006.

Proposed time: 20:30 UTC - Fixed time around the world (3:30pm EST, 12:30am PST)

Proposed location: IRC channel #osgeo.


  • Approve minutes from IncCom Meeting7.
  • Consider need for promotional/web material from incubated projects.
  • Consider need for OSGeo web site branding on project web sites.
  • Consider a quarterly reporting requirement for graduated projects.
  • Brief status on project incubation from various projects (and/or mentors).
  • Consider three projects that have applied for membership: FDO, OpenLayers and GeoNetwork.
  • Review All Open Issues


Attendance: Frank Warmerdam, Jody Garnett, Chris Holmes, TheSteveMonkey, Daniel Morissette, Richard Gould, Howard Butler, Schuyler Erle, Chris Schmidt, and Michael Gerlek.

  • Minutes of IncCom Meeting7 approved.
  • Requirement for promotional and web materials from incubated project is not ready to adopt since we don't yet have particulars on what should be required.
  • Howard Butler appointed to the Incubation Committee.
  • Daniel Morissette retro-actively appointed to the incubation committee.
  • We discussed OSGeo branding of project web sites, and mostly we decided we didn't have a good plan, nor were we really agreed on how far we would be willing to go with this.
  • A motion was adopted that projects obtain an appropriate OSGeo website button for their home page. The button will link to the osgeo website and indicate the projects level of participation.
  • No requirement for quarterly reporting in graduated projects was adopted.
  • A motion was adopted limiting ourselves to ten projects in incubation till such time as we change this limit.
  • A motion was adopted limiting each incubation mentor to more than one project they are mentoring through incubation at a time.
  • Jody Garnett offered to mentor GeoNetwork, and Howard Butler (post meeting) volunteered to mentor OpenLayers. Frank will present both packages for "acceptance into incubation" voting on the mailing list.
  • FDO lacks a potential mentor (Daniel Morissette offered but is for the time being blocked till MapGuide graduates), and so isn't a potential inductie yet. Mentor volunteers welcome!
  • Outstanding issues in the issue tracker were very briefly reviewed, and Frank indicated he now had GDAL committer guidelines which he would distribute to the list as a possible template (per SC45).
  • Jody indicate he had problems entering issues in the tracker. He wants to track legal issues blocking GeoTools.
  • Meeting closed.
  • By email vote the motion "the OpenLayers project be recommended to the OSGeo board for entrance into incubation with Schyler Erle as project representative and Howard Butler as mentor." was passed.
  • By email vote the motion "the GeoNetwork project be recommended to the OSGeo board for entrance into incubation with Jeroen Ticheler as project representative and Jody Garnett as mentor." was passed.