IncCom Meeting9

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Proposed date: Monday February 12th 2007.

Proposed time: 19:30 UTC - Fixed time around the world (2:30pm EST, 11:30am PST)

Proposed location: IRC channel #osgeo.



In attendance: Frank Warmerdam, Daniel Morissette, Robert Bray, Cameron Shorter, Schuyler Erle, Richard Gould, Mateusz Loskot, Paul Spencer, Howard Butler, Jody Garnett, Tyler Mitchell, Chris Holmes, Chris Schmidt and Gary Sherman.

  1. Minutes of the 8th meeting approved.
  2. A substantial discussion of pre-incubation, and whether we should be promoting projects as OSGeo projects before they are done incubation.
  3. The only change or clarification which achieved consensus approval was that projects have to be user-ready before they are accepted into incubation (ie. reasonably mature).
  4. Based on this it was agreed, with regret, that MOSS4G was not yet ready to enter incubation.
  5. It was agreed to table the concept of a pre-incubation sandbox/gforge for the next meeting.
  6. Proposed changes to the Project Status Template were approved.
  7. Commiter Responsibilities Guidelines reviewed.
  8. A substantial discussion of MapGuide readiness for graduation, especially around the issue of whether a sufficient diversity of outside (Autodesk) committers is a requirement. The consensus was that this issue is mostly about assuring the continuity of the project if the primary supporting organization lost interest and that in the case of MapGuide there is every reason to believe other developers could and would continue it due to the substantial user adoption.
  9. Daniel Morissette agreed to stand as mentor for FDO if MapGuide graduates.
  10. Bob Bray agreed to stand as mentor for QGIS.
  11. Meeting adjourned.
  12. By email vote the motion recommending QGIS for incubation was passed.
  13. By email vote the motion recommending MapGuide for graduation from incubation was passed.
  14. By email vote the motion recommending FDO for incubation was passed.