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Traduction du journal de l'OSGeo vol. 3


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Titre Traducteur Relecteur
Integration & Development
Valid Sponsors Cyril de Runz Schristophe
Valid Cook (Portable GIS: GIS on a USB stick) Ludovic Granjon Schristophe
Valid Minoura (Automatic Generation of Web-Based GIS/Database Applications) Marie Silvestre
Valid Keller (db4o2D - Object Database Extension for 2D Geospatial Types) Guillaume Sueur Vincent Picavet
Valid Jezek (Coordinate System Transformations in Geotools and uDig - Contribution of Google Summer of Code 2006 and 2007) Schristophe Sébastien Vial
Topical Interest
Valid Barde (A generic approach to manage metadata standards) Barde Schristophe
Valid Ertz (Towards web services dedicated to thematic mapping.) Ertz Marie Silvestre
Valid Plum (Interoperabilty for 3D geodata: Experiences with CityGML and OGC Web Services) Thierry Badard Marie Silvestre
Valid Staub (A Model-Driven Web Feature Service for Enhanced Semantic Interoperability) Bveler Vincent Picavet
Valid Vaz (Spatial-Yap: A Spatio-Deductive Database System) Schristophe Cyril de Runz
Case Studies
Valid Ferreira (The DIVERT Project: Development of Inter-Vehicular Reliable Telematics) Marie Silvestre Thierry Badard
Valid Mergili (GRASS GIS and modelling of natural hazards: an integrated approach for debris flow simulation) Marie Silvestre Robin Prest
Valid Bueno (A Spatial Database to Integrate the Information of the Rondonia Natural Resource Management Project) Schristophe Marie Silvestre
Valid Bueno (GeoSIPAM: Free and Open Source Software Applied to the Protection of the Brazilian Amazon) Schristophe Cyril de Runz
Valid Ribeiro (The Amazon Deforestation Monitoring System: a large environmental database developed on TerraLib and PostgreSQL) Bveler Marie Silvestre


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