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Server Overview


  • 2010-08-08 configuration is done, trunk and mapbender 2.6.2 available, demos served from trunk


Services on this Blade

  • Mapbender
  • PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  • svn
  • gettext


  • every Mapbender version is presented by
    • if you need root access to the demo mapbender ask the participants (see above)
  • the home for the Mapbender packages is: /osgeo/mapbender/
  • the update of the mapbender version is done by svn
  • we offer a portal function so user can login and try the applications
  • as adminstrative database we use PostgreSQl/PostGIS


  • /etc/apache2/sites_available/projects.mapbender.osgeo.conf
  • logfiles at:
 ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/
 CustomLog /var/log/apache2/ combined

How to setup the current mapbender version

Mapbender Database

  • use the
  • take the last version as template (check the guis first - everything still allright?)
  • (postgis_template)

directory and svn checkout

cd /osgeo/mapbender
sudo bash
mkdir mapbender_2.6
svn co /osgeo/mapbender/mapbender_2.6/
cd /osgeo/mapbender/mapbender_2.6/resources/db/
chmod u+x
./ --> use template_postgis as database template

for update use:

cd /osgeo/mapbender/xx
sudo bash
svn up /osgeo/mapbender/mapbender_2.6/
cd /osgeo/mapbender/mapbender_2.6/resources/db/
chmod u+x

Change the root password

  • the root password has to be changed to the password the devs defined (ask administrators)

Create user demo

  • create user demo password demo
  • assign public applications to this user

create the symbolic link current_release with ln -s ...

  • drop current symbolic link
rm /osgeo/mapbender/current_release
  • create it again with path to actual mapbender version
ln -s /osgeo/mapbender/mapbender/mapbender_2.5 /osgeo/mapbender/current_release

create new link in html start page index.html

vim /osgeo/mapbender/index.html