Marketing Budget 2008

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The Marketing Committee was allotted a portion of the OSGeo Budget 2008. This page describes how those funds will be used. This budget will be presented to the Finance Committee and will serve as the guide for future spending by the committee.

The budget can be broke down into three parts, all of which overlap somewhat:

Communication and Branding

  • Phase 1 of this effort was approved in 2007, more can be read about it on the page Marketing Proposal 2007. It involves the creation of a Communication Plan and branding design work, including re-working of logos for several purposes.
  • Phase 2 (still tentative) will involve more focused design products for use in the website and other material. These would be focussed on an OSGeo Brochure (2 sheets / 4 pages (DIN A 4, Format 21 x 29,7 cm) Concept, Design/Layout) and possibly on Website Design and OSGeo Journal Design.

Material Production

  • After above projects are complete there will be need to print and reproduce items such as brochures or advertisements. A small amount of funds is put aside for helping print, distribute and deliver these items. This will include trying to have them printed locally wherever possible.

Event Support

The committee will select certain events that it sees as ideal for promoting OSGeo's goals. Funds may be used to cover costs such as booth rental space, booth supplies, sponsorship positions, travel costs for organisers, etc. This budget does not include a list of specific events, but is generally set to cover the costs of 2-3 events at $2-3,000 each. If more funding becomes available, this item will be scaled up to include more events.


Communication / Branding (phase 1) $5,000 (leftover from 2007)
Communication / Branding (phase 2) ??? how much???
Material Production $2,000
Event Support (2-3 events) $8,000
Total $15,000 (inc. 2007 remainder)