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The Finance Committee was established during the Board Meeting at FOSS4G 2007. Purpose is to oversee and manage all financial aspects of OSGeo as an organisation.

Update: November 2017 - This committee has been dissolved due to inactivity.

  • annual budget: this responsibility has reverted to the board
  • project officers: Are asked to contact the board email list with budget requests in November, allowing a budget to be approved in a December meeting


From OSGeo board:

From finance committee:

501c3 Application

Committee Inactive


Most communication is via email over the finance list. There is also a finance-priv at mailing reflector for confidential details.


Responsibilities (DRAFT)

  • Manage bank account
  • Plan annual budget
  • Review and approve quarterly and annual financial reports
  • Review and submit Tax submissions
  • Receive and track donations
  • Coordinate with payroll company
  • Review Conference Budget