Marketing Meeting 2008.10.22

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  • How should we spend the Marketing budget?
  • Guidelines for sponsor branding of booth, fliers, LiveDVD etc
  • Review of FOSS4G Marketing/presence
  • OSGeo branding vs. OSGeo - FOSS4G projects confussion (added by Miguel Montesinos -> By supporting non OSGeo projects, may we a make strategic wrong decission in terms of branding?)


  • Agreed to set up an OSGeo exhibition pack
  • Exhibition pack should be given to anyone wanting to set up an OSGeo stand
  • Foundation sponsor marketing should go on Exhibition pack material
  • Local presenters / sponsors can add branding if they wish. Eg: put up their own banner.
  • Event Proposal Guide -> Conference Setup Guide


IRC log bot was down, here is a local copy:

 [2008-10-22 00::02:39] TylerM: ========== Marketing Meeting starting ======
 [2008-10-22 00::02:55] tbowden: hi
 [2008-10-22 00::02:57] CameronShorter: hi
 [2008-10-22 00::02:58] mpg: Hi!
 [2008-10-22 00::03:01] wildintellect: hi
 [2008-10-22 00::03:02] ajolma: hi
 [2008-10-22 00::03:02] TylerM: (or g'day)
 [2008-10-22 00::03:29] tbowden: TylerM seems to be practicing for his upcoming trip down under...
 [2008-10-22 00::03:38] TylerM: great, thanks for coming, everyone.
 [2008-10-22 00::04:39] » dmnosaka joined the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 00::04:49] TylerM: hi dmnosaka - that you daniele?
 [2008-10-22 00::05:31] dmnosaka: Hi Tyler, it's me
 [2008-10-22 00::05:44] TylerM: Great, thanks for coming!
 [2008-10-22 00::05:48] dmnosaka: how are you?
 [2008-10-22 00::06:00] TylerM: I'm good, we're just starting the meeting now
 [2008-10-22 00::06:12] dmnosaka: great
 [2008-10-22 00::06:17] TylerM: ** See:
 [2008-10-22 00::06:32] CameronShorter: I think that the best value for money that the Marketing committee can provide is to help locals market locally by giving them an exhibition pack.
 [2008-10-22 00::06:34] TylerM: and I mostly copied parts from 2008.
 [2008-10-22 00::06:42] tbowden: I'll back CameronShorter on the booth pack
 [2008-10-22 00::06:59] TylerM: It sounds good - explain more what you are thinking
 [2008-10-22 00::07:05] tbowden: for a local chapter learning the ropes
 [2008-10-22 00::07:42] dmnosaka: learning the ropes?
 [2008-10-22 00::07:47] tbowden: cloth banner, brochures, dvd's, and whatever
 [2008-10-22 00::07:54] CameronShorter: I think we should have a standard pack including things like: Stand, fliers, CDs, etc.
 [2008-10-22 00::08:01] TylerM: dmnosaka: that means "learning how to do things for the first time"
 [2008-10-22 00::08:10] tbowden: dmnosaka: getting a stand together for the first time: what brochures do we need, what resources etc
 [2008-10-22 00::08:20] mpg: "booth in a box"
 [2008-10-22 00::08:24] CameronShorter: When someone wants to put on a budget, we should give them or subsidice this pack for them.
 [2008-10-22 00::08:25] tbowden: yup
 [2008-10-22 00::08:36] wildintellect: makes sense
 [2008-10-22 00::08:38] CameronShorter: We should also write a HOWTO wiki
 [2008-10-22 00::08:40] dmnosaka: TylerM: Thanks
 [2008-10-22 00::08:44] TylerM: just for some background, we're almost there
 [2008-10-22 00::08:54] wildintellect: I wouldn't have to keep asking to have a banner shipped out my way every 6 months
 [2008-10-22 00::08:54] tbowden: make it as easy as possible for them to get going without hunting for info etc
 [2008-10-22 00::08:58] TylerM: we've had some very successful shows done this.
 [2008-10-22 00::09:35] tbowden: every chapter that shows signs of putting something on should get a banner shipped asap
 [2008-10-22 00::09:35] CameronShorter: Yes, we have some of that material. Some updating is required, but not too much work there.
 [2008-10-22 00::09:36] dmnosaka: That is a good idea Tyler... making a how to wiki
 [2008-10-22 00::09:38] TylerM: a booth "skirt", banner..
 [2008-10-22 00::09:38] » mmontesinos joined the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 00::09:45] mpg: Would the the "box" be physical or virtual? That is, does it provide just PDFs or the actual media?
 [2008-10-22 00::09:47] TylerM: but of course we can do more.
 [2008-10-22 00::10:17] tbowden: pdf's and maybe a printing allowance, physical cloth banner
 [2008-10-22 00::10:27] TylerM: Hi mmontesinos - thannk you for coming. We are just discussing the "exhibition pack" idea from the agenda
 [2008-10-22 00::10:28] wildintellect: initially physical except for maybe copies
 [2008-10-22 00::10:29] CameronShorter: The pack should be a combination of physical & virtual.
 [2008-10-22 00::10:31] mpg: I'm thinking of providing zip file + $ -vs- shipping costs
 [2008-10-22 00::10:36] tbowden: replication allowance for dvd's
 [2008-10-22 00::10:49] mmontesinos: hi everybody
 [2008-10-22 00::10:50] mpg: okay , makes sense
 [2008-10-22 00::10:55] CameronShorter: Elements of the pack will be outdated quickly, so they should be virtual.
 [2008-10-22 00::11:00] TylerM: Please note, I've found an international network/supplier who can print around the world..
 [2008-10-22 00::11:08] tbowden: physical shipping of electronic bits doesn't make much sense to me
 [2008-10-22 00::11:10] wildintellect: the one problem for local chapters is knowing where to get some things done
 [2008-10-22 00::11:26] mpg: It's things like banners and skirts that are problems, more than "regular" printing
 [2008-10-22 00::11:26] wildintellect: I can do copies easy, but pro DVD's no idea where to even start
 [2008-10-22 00::11:26] TylerM: We have been ad-hoc so far..
 [2008-10-22 00::11:27] mmontesinos: one extra challenge could be L10N
 [2008-10-22 00::11:49] TylerM: some chapters just do it all themselves, others need help with files, others need a lot more
 [2008-10-22 00::11:49] tbowden: hmm, worldwide printing. Is it economical? I inagine they do the printing at the nearest print outlet to the destination. Might be handy
 [2008-10-22 00::11:56] mpg: yes, and DVD burning too
 [2008-10-22 00::11:57] TylerM: that's right tbowden
 [2008-10-22 00::12:08] CameronShorter: TylerM, your deleivery channel sounds good, if the costs are ok.
 [2008-10-22 00::12:09] TylerM: mmontesinos: definitely translation is an issue
 [2008-10-22 00::12:27] mmontesinos: local chapters could help
 [2008-10-22 00::12:30] wildintellect: so preference on local production if a chapter has a place to do it
 [2008-10-22 00::12:38] TylerM: In some cases so far, I've worked with one member on the ground to get things done, then I've paid the bills, etc.
 [2008-10-22 00::12:49] tbowden: Pro DVD's is potentially expensive depending on where you go. Maybe there is some scope for shipping if we can get a good enough discount for bulk
 [2008-10-22 00::12:51] CameronShorter: We also need to set guidelines to everyone about what OSGeo will and will not sponsor - we don't have budget for everything.
 [2008-10-22 00::12:57] tbowden: but working out burn numbers is touch and go
 [2008-10-22 00::13:18] mpg: How many CDs to burn? hard call, versions change too often
 [2008-10-22 00::13:39] tbowden: ouch!
 [2008-10-22 00::13:44] TylerM: at least that is something we can all do with our own PCs, if there is a good batch of pretty blank discs handy.
 [2008-10-22 00::13:53] CameronShorter: Local sponsorship will be important. So we should also set guidelines for what is/is not accpetable for sponsor branding of OSGeo material.
 [2008-10-22 00::13:54] TylerM: if we want :)
 [2008-10-22 00::13:57] tbowden: yes, but that takes massive time
 [2008-10-22 00::14:11] mpg: can you label DVDs easily?
 [2008-10-22 00::14:12] tbowden: and doesn't look to good when the pro GIS'ers are handing out flash stuff
 [2008-10-22 00::14:16] mmontesinos: Cameron -> I agree maybe we could focus on promotion more than sponsorship
 [2008-10-22 00::14:20] wildintellect: well so do we create a label people should get printed and stick on
 [2008-10-22 00::14:29] mmontesinos: because of lack of funds
 [2008-10-22 00::14:34] TylerM: Okay, I think I have a good handle on content for the exihibtion pack.
 [2008-10-22 00::15:08] tbowden: I'd like to see chapters get the bulk of their funds from local industry...
 [2008-10-22 00::15:22] mpg: thinks about big shipping containers that we can transship around the world to any conference...
 [2008-10-22 00::15:32] tbowden: but in some cases they will need a kickstart to get things rolling
 [2008-10-22 00::15:52] mpg: We once thought about doing a matching grant program
 [2008-10-22 00::15:57] TylerM: I agree that it is ideal to have local sponsors.. and I believe that in several cases there will not be any yet.
 [2008-10-22 00::16:01] tbowden: thinks about how much stuff I took to Cape Town and dreads the thought of shipping
 [2008-10-22 00::16:07] mmontesinos: local support and sponsorship is essential
 [2008-10-22 00::16:15] CameronShorter: I represent local industry in Australia, and I'm getting lots of pressure on me internally to get our logo associated with any dollars we put down toward a conference.
 [2008-10-22 00::16:29] wildintellect: what about the issue of some conferences shifting constantly
 [2008-10-22 00::16:35] TylerM: let's back up for a second...
 [2008-10-22 00::17:10] » pona left the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 00::17:13] mpg: but the event is held in a local locale
 [2008-10-22 00::17:15] TylerM: so tying events to a local chapter is not always in our best interests, unless one makes sense.
 [2008-10-22 00::17:23] tbowden: I can't see a problem with sponsors getting their logo on the booth etc. In fact, I think it's almost mandatory (says me waiting for TylerM to go on)
 [2008-10-22 00::17:29] wildintellect: the one I'm putting together is a good example
 [2008-10-22 00::17:45] TylerM: yes wildintellect, that's what I'm thinking of.
 [2008-10-22 00::18:01] wildintellect: I think logos of sponsors would be acceptable
 [2008-10-22 00::18:03] CameronShorter: Yes, TylerM, but there will be potential sponsors at all conferences, be they local or elsewhere.
 [2008-10-22 00::18:16] tbowden: wildintellect:? Is that the geographers one?
 [2008-10-22 00::18:24] wildintellect: tbowden, yes
 [2008-10-22 00::18:36] TylerM: Sure, just needed to make sure we don't think to small or "local"
 [2008-10-22 00::18:53] mpg: well, depends on the conf -- some are decidely regional
 [2008-10-22 00::19:07] wildintellect: true and that is a prime local candidate
 [2008-10-22 00::19:19] TylerM: Now talking about sponsors...
 [2008-10-22 00::19:21] CameronShorter: So I think branding can be tied to sponsors, not neccessarily to a local chapter.
 [2008-10-22 00::19:24] wildintellect: but what's the max extent of a "region"
 [2008-10-22 00::19:40] » pona joined the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 00::19:47] mpg: wildintellect: depends on the conf -- could be state/province, country, or other
 [2008-10-22 00::19:48] TylerM: please note we've done very poorly, historically, with getting our Foundation Sponsors logos into the booth
 [2008-10-22 00::19:58] wildintellect: who approaches the sponsor on osgeo behalf?
 [2008-10-22 00::20:13] dmnosaka: well branding will affect sponsors
 [2008-10-22 00::20:16] tbowden: If a sponsor wants to go bigger than the local chapter, perhaps sponsorship of osgeo is the way to go?
 [2008-10-22 00::20:17] TylerM: We are obligated to at least give the front and centre attention at any booth.
 [2008-10-22 00::20:19] mpg: foundation sponsors, not local sponsors?
 [2008-10-22 00::20:27] tbowden: yup
 [2008-10-22 00::20:46] mmontesinos: mpg -> both
 [2008-10-22 00::20:46] TylerM: so how a local/event sponsor would fit in.. i'm not sure
 [2008-10-22 00::20:47] CameronShorter: wildintellect, who ever wants to put a booth together needs to find the $$ from somewhere. It is their responsibility.
 [2008-10-22 00::21:08] dmnosaka: me too centre of attention +1
 [2008-10-22 00::21:19] wildintellect: CameronShorter, do you see the issue if every chapter in North America approaches google
 [2008-10-22 00::21:25] tbowden: For Aust-NZ we tried to diffeneciate between osgeo and event sponsors, but I'm not sure we did a good enough job.
 [2008-10-22 00::21:38] mpg: I'm not sure Foundation spronsors take precedence over the ones giving the actual $ for the booth
 [2008-10-22 00::21:56] tbowden: Can we produce a sponsors flag or something with all the logos
 [2008-10-22 00::22:01] TylerM: Also, it is important to remember that our foundation sponsors expect their funding to go toward promotion and marketing (among other things)...
 [2008-10-22 00::22:33] mmontesinos: why not?
 [2008-10-22 00::22:33] tbowden: It's hard for local chapters to promote osgeo sponsors as they don't have any material for that
 [2008-10-22 00::22:39] wildintellect: well so Foundation Sponsor on a flags might work
 [2008-10-22 00::22:40] mpg: this sponsor would prefer the (bulk of his) money go to supporting coding
 [2008-10-22 00::23:39] mmontesinos: ok
 [2008-10-22 00::23:51] tbowden: repeats: if the sponsor operates locally to the event, they would be receptive to approaches anyway.
 [2008-10-22 00::23:58] TylerM: sure sure
 [2008-10-22 00::24:11] mmontesinos: Tyler -> autodesk is OSGeo sponsor and it also sponsors FOSS4G
 [2008-10-22 00::24:11] mpg: printed collateral will likely come from OSGeo HQ and have foundation level sponsors
 [2008-10-22 00::24:18] CameronShorter: TylerM, OSGeo is likely to be setting up booths in significantly more events. This costs money, which needs to come from somewhere. Either the big sponsors need to provide more money (because they are reaching more people) or they need to share branding with local sponsors.
 [2008-10-22 00::24:22] mpg: (A) printed collateral will likely come from OSGeo HQ and have foundation level sponsors
 [2008-10-22 00::25:13] CameronShorter: mpg: yes.
 [2008-10-22 00::25:18] wildintellect: we should have a standard, give us what you want to appear at the booth within our normal format
 [2008-10-22 00::25:21] seven: wakes up. Sorry! reads back...
 [2008-10-22 00::25:26] TylerM: All I mean is that if there is an important event, and we cannot find some special sponsor for it, then we need ot be able to accommodate it.
 [2008-10-22 00::25:27] mmontesinos: I agree
 [2008-10-22 00::25:43] TylerM: I agree, finding sponsors is not a bad thing..
 [2008-10-22 00::25:44] tbowden: on phone for a while. will check back later sorry.
 [2008-10-22 00::26:17] wildintellect: a standard procedure would help, and maybe a database that can be searched by region of past sponsors
 [2008-10-22 00::26:31] TylerM: but I would certainly prefer that we get foundation sponsors, rather than only event sponsors.
 [2008-10-22 00::26:49] mpg: also, should be (in general) a restriction on local groups trying to get $ from organizations that are already foundation-level sponsors -- so as to avoid donor fatigue, annoyance factor, etc
 [2008-10-22 00::26:50] wildintellect: do we have a sponsorship solicitation packet?
 [2008-10-22 00::26:52] CameronShorter: TylerM, I particially agree with you. The only issue is that important events, as noted by Americans all happen in America. Here in Australia I get little value from that event.
 [2008-10-22 00::27:49] TylerM: sorry, i don't follow..
 [2008-10-22 00::27:53] CameronShorter: I think that in general, if an event is important, there will likely be a sponsor step forward to make use of the market opportunity.
 [2008-10-22 00::28:06] wildintellect: do we consider Autodesk the main co, diff from say autodesk Australia
 [2008-10-22 00::28:23] mpg: wildintellect: in general, probably yes
 [2008-10-22 00::28:24] TylerM: this is on my mind from a few angles... in particular FOSS4G sponsors..
 [2008-10-22 00::28:29] CameronShorter: There will be important events all around the world, and we don't have budget to cover them all.
 [2008-10-22 00::28:45] TylerM: I invited several of our foundation sponsors to also sponsor foss4g but they were not all able to commit more funding..
 [2008-10-22 00::28:52] wildintellect: so how do we rank them to maximize effect
 [2008-10-22 00::29:13] TylerM: at some point there are also FOSS4G sponsors who will sponsor that event, instead of the Foundation directly.
 [2008-10-22 00::29:26] mpg: I think FOSS4G != the kinds of confs we're talking here?
 [2008-10-22 00::29:38] TylerM: no, but this is why it's on my mind.
 [2008-10-22 00::30:24] mpg: I'm inclined to give local teams more latitude than less, until such time as it becomes a problem
 [2008-10-22 00::30:30] wildintellect: well so we could focus on getting local sponsors giving funds to osgeo to be distributed for a specifc local conf
 [2008-10-22 00::30:50] mpg: again, with guidance about cherry picking from our foundation big $ orgs
 [2008-10-22 00::31:02] TylerM: every foundation sponsor should know, their logo will get into our marketing exhibition package.
 [2008-10-22 00::31:13] CameronShorter: Sponsors will be looking for cost/delegate targeted. I think that international sponsors will likely be prepared to tie thier sponsorship to the number of handouts printed.
 [2008-10-22 00::31:30] TylerM: I trust you on that CameronShorter
 [2008-10-22 00::31:31] seven: TylerM: I think it is fine to approach sponsors from different angles. No worry that we look chaotic.
 [2008-10-22 00::31:47] mpg: as a (foundation) sponsor, I'm fine with that
 [2008-10-22 00::31:48] mmontesinos: but couldnit it avoid this sponsors to also become foundation sponsors?
 [2008-10-22 00::31:55] ajolma: TylerM: are there usually written contracts with sponsors?
 [2008-10-22 00::32:01] TylerM: ajolma: no
 [2008-10-22 00::32:08] mpg: not in my experience
 [2008-10-22 00::32:29] TylerM: mmontesinos: you mean having one sponsor for an event, could lead/encourage them to become bigger foundation sponsor?
 [2008-10-22 00::32:42] ajolma: maybe there should be something, so that both know what to expect?
 [2008-10-22 00::32:43] mmontesinos: yes!
 [2008-10-22 00::32:59] CameronShorter: back in 5 mins. Got to walk home from bus stop.
 [2008-10-22 00::33:03] mmontesinos: if its scope is quite local
 [2008-10-22 00::33:06] TylerM: This is our commitment to sponsors:
 [2008-10-22 00::33:34] mpg: ajolma: most confs have set rates, like $5000 gets you a big banner, etc -- but often these are very "negotiable", esp. as the date gets cloer
 [2008-10-22 00::33:34] TylerM: last half of page is benefits for the various levels.
 [2008-10-22 00::33:56] ajolma: :) logo is displayed at OSGeo booth ..
 [2008-10-22 00::34:04] TylerM: exactly :)
 [2008-10-22 00::34:06] tbowden: is back. Agree with mpg about giving local chapters as much lattitude as they need wrt getting local sponsors
 [2008-10-22 00::34:11] wildintellect: the bar for Associate Sponsor is quite low - almost low enough that a booth sponsor may easily be a foundation sponsor
 [2008-10-22 00::34:25] TylerM: wildintellect: exactly...
 [2008-10-22 00::34:35] wildintellect: and should probably be encouraged as such
 [2008-10-22 00::34:35] TylerM: and getting them into our page is preferred
 [2008-10-22 00::34:57] darkblue_B: notices meeting.. will read later
 [2008-10-22 00::35:04] TylerM: So, I think to go this route with event sponsors
 [2008-10-22 00::35:22] mpg: TylerM: that is actually a big point with some orgs, for budget planning reasons
 [2008-10-22 00::35:25] TylerM: Or do we leave it open with some guidlines.
 [2008-10-22 00::35:38] tbowden: sometimes support from a sponsor will be in the form of bodies in the booth which advantages them as well
 [2008-10-22 00::35:49] mpg: set up a list, but allow local wiggle room
 [2008-10-22 00::36:02] wildintellect: we can tabulate estimates of number of people reached by marketing
 [2008-10-22 00::36:23] mpg: tbowden: good point, not al lsponsors are via cash
 [2008-10-22 00::36:28] wildintellect: and coding donations
 [2008-10-22 00::36:35] tbowden: the more feedback for sponsors the better. Every event should be listed for them, with numbers etc
 [2008-10-22 00::37:01] TylerM: Process needs some improving for sure...
 [2008-10-22 00::37:58] » CameronShorter_ joined the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 00::38:00] tbowden: so if we can streamline the process we might get more event taction
 [2008-10-22 00::38:14] TylerM: I think so
 [2008-10-22 00::38:16] mpg: if we tell people we have $ to give they will come
 [2008-10-22 00::38:19] wildintellect: I'm thinking template or forms to fill in to make sure we have all the info
 [2008-10-22 00::38:23] TylerM: especially if we have a survival kit for them
 [2008-10-22 00::38:33] tbowden: wildintellect:+1
 [2008-10-22 00::38:33] CameronShorter_: It has helped us in Australia to note that OSGeo in a not-for-profit. We have discovered that we often get free exhibition space. So crying poor helps.
 [2008-10-22 00::38:37] » CameronShorter left the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 00::39:00] TylerM: for sure
 [2008-10-22 00::39:07] wildintellect: I've always gotten discount but rarely free except for very small events
 [2008-10-22 00::39:34] TylerM: note that in some of these events (like the one just mentioned) we got lots of great volunteers
 [2008-10-22 00::39:38] wildintellect: is my example I can put forward of trying to gather and document, we can probably make a template from that
 [2008-10-22 00::39:38] TylerM: to help run a booth.
 [2008-10-22 00::39:38] tbowden: In AU we've had local sponsors pay for booth space (at the reduced community rate) at WALIS
 [2008-10-22 00::40:37] » vheurteaux joined the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 00::40:50] TylerM: Anyone want to talk about cash? I feel it's too early to figure out how much an exhibition kit may cost..
 [2008-10-22 00::41:11] tbowden: part if the problem imho is we often look very amateurish at booths. If we can up the look and feel with all this we will have done well
 [2008-10-22 00::41:34] TylerM: So, last year we focused on the idea of branding and improving a plan around that...
 [2008-10-22 00::42:33] seven: CameronShorter_: +1 (asking for free booths, passes, etc.)
 [2008-10-22 00::42:35] tbowden: at a minimum we should aim for brochures, sponsor banner, local event sponsor logos (printed locally probably), PC with live dvd running with other vids available
 [2008-10-22 00::42:46] TylerM: with a few tweaks to accommodate problems seen at events.
 [2008-10-22 00::43:15] wildintellect: I think that's my entire list
 [2008-10-22 00::43:25] CameronShorter_: Mark Leslie blogged on what a booth should contain. Linked from
 [2008-10-22 00::43:33] seven: Yes, but I think it is not required that we "buy" a big booth .
 [2008-10-22 00::43:49] mmontesinos: and what about thinking about reusable elements like roll-up posters for a unique investment (apart from shipments)?
 [2008-10-22 00::43:52] tbowden: booth size is not a factor for me
 [2008-10-22 00::43:56] seven: Brochures must be of good quality.
 [2008-10-22 00::43:58] tbowden: whatever we can get in that department
 [2008-10-22 00::44:15] dmnosaka: Well asking for free booths is definatttelly a good idea
 [2008-10-22 00::44:15] mmontesinos: we usually use that for low budget events
 [2008-10-22 00::44:18] CameronShorter_: I reckon we start with an elementary pack, and then start building on it year after year.
 [2008-10-22 00::44:20] tbowden: seven: +1, along with any other take away material such as dvd
 [2008-10-22 00::44:33] TylerM: mmontesinos: we do have some pop-up banners, but they are now out of date .. hmm.. and in my Canadian office :)
 [2008-10-22 00::44:46] seven: We need pop up banners locally.
 [2008-10-22 00::44:55] mmontesinos: the point is to design atemporal banners
 [2008-10-22 00::45:05] seven: So that people can show up with them a different events over the year with little or no shipping cost.
 [2008-10-22 00::45:09] TylerM: mmontesinos: +1
 [2008-10-22 00::45:19] tbowden: cloth banners work well and are cheap. Pop ups where a local sponsor pays is fine, and can still be used when its out of date
 [2008-10-22 00::45:28] CameronShorter_: +1
 [2008-10-22 00::45:30] wildintellect: so a popup with the general theme, and you could velcro on the sponsor flags...
 [2008-10-22 00::45:32] seven: Plus it reduces the coordination effort of getting the stuff to places.
 [2008-10-22 00::45:59] tbowden: the less shipping between events we have to do is better
 [2008-10-22 00::45:59] TylerM: yes.. we've tested out some of the ideas already this year.. with a few events where we re-used stuff
 [2008-10-22 00::46:29] dmnosaka: pop ups are actually dissappearing
 [2008-10-22 00::46:31] CameronShorter_: Local sponsor should be able to put their banner up too (if they can get away with it from the conference organisors who have just given not-for-profit stand)
 [2008-10-22 00::46:39] dmnosaka: not a good Idea to use them
 [2008-10-22 00::47:00] TylerM: dmnosaka: why do you think?
 [2008-10-22 00::47:04] tbowden: dmnosaka: not good to spend on them or use them?
 [2008-10-22 00::47:19] dmnosaka: not USE at all
 [2008-10-22 00::47:21] wildintellect: we need a standard small size for sponsors so that it's clear it isn't their booth
 [2008-10-22 00::47:26] TylerM: i know they can tend to block the view in a small area.
 [2008-10-22 00::47:37] tbowden: wildintellect: -1
 [2008-10-22 00::47:49] mmontesinos: windintellect +1
 [2008-10-22 00::47:55] tbowden: I think the bigger the better, so long as the osgeo logo is very big also
 [2008-10-22 00::48:10] dmnosaka: banners, if really important and arequirement from the sponsors, but they drive trffic away from Osgeo website
 [2008-10-22 00::48:12] tbowden: most booths would cope with that
 [2008-10-22 00::48:31] TylerM: we'll have a tough balance between foundation sponsors and event sponsors promotion.. but will be fun to see :)
 [2008-10-22 00::48:32] mmontesinos: I remember last FOSS4G where you could get teh ipression it was Autodesk's event
 [2008-10-22 00::48:45] wildintellect: I think 1mx.33m would suffice
 [2008-10-22 00::48:45] dmnosaka: oh sorry I was thinking of websight banners
 [2008-10-22 00::48:45] TylerM: mmontesinos: 2006?
 [2008-10-22 00::48:54] tbowden: if the osgeo logo is as big as all others together then no probs i think
 [2008-10-22 00::48:56] mmontesinos: 2008
 [2008-10-22 00::49:04] dmnosaka: I am definattely for real live banners
 [2008-10-22 00::49:32] TylerM: mmontesinos: you mean banners in the event were too large for the higher level foss4g sponsor?
 [2008-10-22 00::49:36] » danielemn joined the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 00::50:02] mmontesinos: I mean the general event
 [2008-10-22 00::50:25] TylerM: just for the record, Autodesk will be reducing their overall foundation sponsorship over the upcoming couple of years..
 [2008-10-22 00::50:31] mmontesinos: there were much more Autodesk promotional stuff than OSGeo's
 [2008-10-22 00::50:31] » dmnosaka left the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 00::50:34] CameronShorter_: Generic OSGeo material should have foundation sponsor material on it - and that will be given for free to all events asking for it. Local sponsors can then put thier own banners up as well.
 [2008-10-22 00::50:38] TylerM: so they do not look like they are the only ones :)
 [2008-10-22 00::50:43] tbowden: wildintellect: Lets show off our sponsors, along side our own identity (osgeo). Lets not undersell the support we get
 [2008-10-22 00::50:47] TylerM: and will end up more in line with the other higher ones..
 [2008-10-22 00::51:20] wildintellect: tbowden, I more concerned about enough space for multiple sponsors at smaller events
 [2008-10-22 00::51:28] TylerM: mmontesinos: this brings up a bigger issue, that has bothered me a bit too... that is OSGeo branding at FOSS4G
 [2008-10-22 00::51:34] mpg: +1 CameronShorter_
 [2008-10-22 00::51:34] tbowden: CameronShorter_: +1. Maybe all sponsors logos appear at the bottom of the project brochures?
 [2008-10-22 00::51:39] danielemn: I'm back
 [2008-10-22 00::51:40] TylerM: apart from the booth, this committee didn't have much input
 [2008-10-22 00::51:53] tbowden: wildintellect: Always at least 2 often 3 walls to a booth
 [2008-10-22 00::52:08] wildintellect: I've done conferences with 0-1 walls
 [2008-10-22 00::52:17] mmontesinos: Cameron -> +1
 [2008-10-22 00::52:26] tbowden: ouch, not much to pin a banner on there!
 [2008-10-22 00::52:30] mpg: yes, booth arrangements can differ wildly depending on the show, the local team ,etc
 [2008-10-22 00::52:31] TylerM: So any signs, banners, etc. in the general areas of the event where not thought through from a promotional angle as well as might have been.
 [2008-10-22 00::52:40] wildintellect: that's where a pop-up is important
 [2008-10-22 00::52:57] mpg: suggests hiring TylerM to walk around the show floor with a big sign
 [2008-10-22 00::53:09] mmontesinos: :-)
 [2008-10-22 00::53:14] TylerM: and a jar for loose change?
 [2008-10-22 00::53:24] tbowden: :-)
 [2008-10-22 00::53:53] TylerM: I will need your beard tbowden
 [2008-10-22 00::54:20] tbowden: Oh, pity I shaved it off just before FOSS4G! Otherwise I'd gladly give it to you :-)
 [2008-10-22 00::54:25] wildintellect: side note, I'm putting instructions together on how to build a magazine rack type thing for all the flyers we have
 [2008-10-22 00::54:43] mpg: "build"?
 [2008-10-22 00::54:44] seven: Event and booth design / layout will vary greatly depending on the event, type of local chapter, level of support, etc.
 [2008-10-22 00::54:46] wildintellect: if someone knows of a good one for purchase I'm all ears
 [2008-10-22 00::54:51] tbowden: wildintellect: Most will be too time poor for that methinks
 [2008-10-22 00::54:58] TylerM: wildintellect: i've "rented" them at some shows before
 [2008-10-22 00::54:59] seven: So we should not try to be too strict about how it should look.
 [2008-10-22 00::55:09] TylerM: seven: I agree
 [2008-10-22 00::55:15] seven: Personally I did not like the OSGeo booth at FOSS4G too much
 [2008-10-22 00::55:19] CameronShorter_: wildintellect, read Mark's blog - he had links to ideas.
 [2008-10-22 00::55:21] wildintellect: mpg, remember I'm a grad student and all my cronies are too, so we have time not money
 [2008-10-22 00::55:31] TylerM: seven: tell us more
 [2008-10-22 00::55:32] seven: but the "open" one inb Victoria with sofas etc. was mcuh better.
 [2008-10-22 00::55:37] mpg: ah, okay
 [2008-10-22 00::55:47] TylerM: table versus an "area"
 [2008-10-22 00::55:49] wildintellect: seven, +1 that booth was cool
 [2008-10-22 00::55:53] tbowden: seven: +1 for the lounge, but that's only for our events
 [2008-10-22 00::55:53] seven: We have quite a few examples how things can look.
 [2008-10-22 00::55:59] TylerM: I tried to get it again, but failed
 [2008-10-22 00::56:13] seven: Maybe we can make a compilaiton of the photos so that people can get some ideas and then become creative themselves.
 [2008-10-22 00::56:22] mmontesinos: I think that for FOSS4G, we could get advantage with more space at no more cost ;-)
 [2008-10-22 00::56:22] TylerM: again, OSGeo was sort of treated like any other exhibitor :(
 [2008-10-22 00::56:25] wildintellect: I was thinking of making it easier to play with demo machine, like elevating to standing level
 [2008-10-22 00::56:41] tbowden: I think sometimes the POC for a conf has trouble understanding the nature of OSGeo and how it ties in all the different projects
 [2008-10-22 00::56:44] seven: TylerM: Yes - and that was not what we wanted to have.
 [2008-10-22 00::56:54] CameronShorter_: Photos are a great idea, and we should link to them from our HOWTO page so people can be inspired in how to build a stand.
 [2008-10-22 00::57:06] » rahul_b left the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 00::57:11] TylerM: 2007 booth took a lot of coordination with the event planners.. including removing any costs to us directly..
 [2008-10-22 00::57:17] CameronShorter_: Photos should also help us sell sponsorship.
 [2008-10-22 00::57:17] seven: will start to bring the photos together and link them.
 [2008-10-22 00::57:34] wildintellect: make sure that all gets linked to the main\
 [2008-10-22 00::57:37] mpg: My teddy bear says it's time to go to bed now.
 [2008-10-22 00::57:39] TylerM: What others part of the "package" does anyone want to help look at?
 [2008-10-22 00::58:05] seven: mpg: Thanx for joining!
 [2008-10-22 00::58:17] TylerM: .. to improve
 [2008-10-22 00::58:17] mpg: later, gang
 [2008-10-22 00::58:20] TylerM: thx mpg!
 [2008-10-22 00::58:26] tbowden: Can we get a "blank" brochure with room for droping in project data?
 [2008-10-22 00::58:28] mmontesinos: at Prodevelop we are now designing pop-up banners for some local events, I can provide information
 [2008-10-22 00::58:34] wildintellect: TylerM, I've already been tinkering with flyers, live disc etc
 [2008-10-22 00::58:35] mpg: (teddy bear waves)
 [2008-10-22 00::58:37] tbowden: *template* brochure
 [2008-10-22 00::58:41] » mpg left the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 00::58:52] tbowden: waves bye to mpg and wishes him sweet dreams
 [2008-10-22 00::58:52] wildintellect: tbowden, +1 a scribus template
 [2008-10-22 00::58:55] seven: Maybe a cardboard container with OSGeo logo is cool.
 [2008-10-22 00::58:56] tbowden: too late...
 [2008-10-22 00::59:02] seven: Then you can add into it whatever you want
 [2008-10-22 00::59:25] danielemn: Can I help with the design?
 [2008-10-22 00::59:33] seven: danielemn: Definitely yes.
 [2008-10-22 00::59:39] TylerM: Sure can.. please :)
 [2008-10-22 00::59:47] danielemn: sure
 [2008-10-22 00::59:49] wildintellect: text can all be written in OO, and text imported directly to the template
 [2008-10-22 00::59:51] tbowden: put your hand up around here and you're it!
 [2008-10-22 00::59:52] TylerM: All I've done has been pretty rushed, right before foss4g events :)
 [2008-10-22 00::59:58] danielemn: I'll get something up
 [2008-10-22 01::00:11] tbowden: TyperM: next foss4g is in two weeks!
 [2008-10-22 01::00:16] danielemn: nice, I love doing these things
 [2008-10-22 01::00:17] TylerM: I can give you pointers to what to improve or build on
 [2008-10-22 01::00:18] seven: Wait a second on Scribus. I had some discussions here on this.
 [2008-10-22 01::00:32] TylerM: tbowden: dang it - I'm already behind ! :)
 [2008-10-22 01::00:39] seven: We should try to get the content from the Wiki. Only from the Wiki.
 [2008-10-22 01::00:50] » milovanderlinden joined the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 01::00:53] danielemn: so in around a week?
 [2008-10-22 01::00:57] wildintellect: seven, the text?
 [2008-10-22 01::00:59] TylerM: danielemn: sure!
 [2008-10-22 01::01:07] seven: Then a small team can grad the stuff and move it into wahtever - for example Scribus
 [2008-10-22 01::01:14] wildintellect: agreed
 [2008-10-22 01::01:15] seven: and pimp it a bit to make it look better.
 [2008-10-22 01::01:40] TylerM: Note, I had to use Scribus for the bookmark project, since I had to specify PDF output resolutions.. which OO seemed not to handle :(
 [2008-10-22 01::01:54] seven: This all adds up to keepping several dozens, if not hundreds of flyers up to date.
 [2008-10-22 01::01:55] wildintellect: you are correct
 [2008-10-22 01::02:01] seven: We cannot do this in thisw committee alone.
 [2008-10-22 01::02:02] TylerM: seven: maybe we can have one big wiki page with a section for each project??
 [2008-10-22 01::02:09] tbowden: TylerM: Side note: I don't think we ever saw those bookmarks at Cape Town.
 [2008-10-22 01::02:09] TylerM: and be done
 [2008-10-22 01::02:18] tbowden: have to follow that up to see what happened
 [2008-10-22 01::02:18] danielemn: I usually use inkscape
 [2008-10-22 01::02:19] TylerM: tbowden: noooooooo
 [2008-10-22 01::02:21] wildintellect: there is a reason we made an svn
 [2008-10-22 01::02:21] TylerM: covers his ears
 [2008-10-22 01::02:40] tbowden: Maybe they can still be recovered for Gavin to use...
 [2008-10-22 01::02:42] TylerM: danielemn: that would be fine
 [2008-10-22 01::02:42] wildintellect: danielemn, me too but it's not good for a lot of text
 [2008-10-22 01::02:45] seven: SVN is good for our templates
 [2008-10-22 01::02:58] tbowden: TylerM: sorry, should have spoken up earlier
 [2008-10-22 01::02:58] CameronShorter_: I think we need to define the core essential components for the exhibition pack. (Kept simple and achievable).
 [2008-10-22 01::03:07] wildintellect: that makes sense, for content
 [2008-10-22 01::03:11] danielemn: oh, can we put a search bar in the OsGeo website (sorry about the unrelated topic)
 [2008-10-22 01::03:33] wildintellect: we should maintain a list of what page each project wants us to use
 [2008-10-22 01::03:35] seven: it is so much easier. If you ever tried to nudge project leads into updating their pagesw two weeks before an event you know what i mean (Tyler, tell himm... :-)
 [2008-10-22 01::03:41] danielemn: TylerM: Great, I'll see what I can do
 [2008-10-22 01::03:43] TylerM: danielemn: good question for the web committee.. we can discuss tomorrow
 [2008-10-22 01::03:56] danielemn: ok
 [2008-10-22 01::04:13] seven: is distracted now, will read back later. CU
 [2008-10-22 01::04:18] CameronShorter_: 1. Popup Banner. 2. One flier covering all OSGeo projects. 3. LiveDVD. 4. OSGeo shirts (which I think should be business shirts).
 [2008-10-22 01::04:35] tbowden: Shirts will depend on the type of conf
 [2008-10-22 01::04:46] wildintellect: tableskirt/tablecover?
 [2008-10-22 01::05:12] tbowden: and some coders won't be seen dead in a business shirt. We shouldn't hide that.
 [2008-10-22 01::05:19] TylerM: Okay, it's time to wrap it up soon...
 [2008-10-22 01::05:19] CameronShorter_: wildintellect +1
 [2008-10-22 01::05:24] mmontesinos: 4 could be shirts or other things dependeing on the event (cap, pens, blocknotes, ....)
 [2008-10-22 01::05:27] tbowden: FrankW won't come if he has to wear a business shirt ;-)
 [2008-10-22 01::05:34] TylerM: Please, on the list, critique the overview brochure
 [2008-10-22 01::05:54] wildintellect: people are welcome to purchase their own swag...
 [2008-10-22 01::06:09] CameronShorter_: I don't wear business shirts, unless at conferences, because I want to say "OSGeo is not a bunch of hackers any more. We are serious business people".
 [2008-10-22 01::06:23] tbowden: supporter packs was something that got a run at the agm
 [2008-10-22 01::06:29] TylerM: CameronShorter_: it's a good idea
 [2008-10-22 01::06:38] tbowden: CameronShorter_: That's not true for everyone.
 [2008-10-22 01::06:41] CameronShorter_: I'm talking about shirts for presenters.
 [2008-10-22 01::07:02] wildintellect: ah we had this issue with my dept at school too
 [2008-10-22 01::07:19] tbowden: AGM: support for the idea of supporter packs. T-shirt, cap, other stuff (whatever...) so people could show support and throw a few pennies into the osgeo ring
 [2008-10-22 01::07:54] TylerM: gotcha
 [2008-10-22 01::08:05] » HyperJohnGraham left the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 01::08:10] tbowden: There is demand for OSGeo shirts
 [2008-10-22 01::08:10] TylerM: maybe after these event kits are done
 [2008-10-22 01::08:23] wildintellect: and pins
 [2008-10-22 01::08:38] tbowden: but with old or new logo?
 [2008-10-22 01::08:45] TylerM: mostly new
 [2008-10-22 01::08:57] tbowden: who let it change? The new one is nicer, but made lots of stuff redundent
 [2008-10-22 01::08:58] TylerM: I see some events don't let you hand out stickers!!
 [2008-10-22 01::09:10] tbowden: TylerM: ???
 [2008-10-22 01::09:10] TylerM: wildintellect: AAG for example
 [2008-10-22 01::09:19] tbowden: wtf not?
 [2008-10-22 01::09:20] TylerM: I was curious if some stickers made it to foss4g
 [2008-10-22 01::09:41] wildintellect: they have some odd rules, book vendors can't sell on the floor either only take orders
 [2008-10-22 01::09:49] tbowden: We used a few stickers at FOSS4G but we could have used several hundred
 [2008-10-22 01::10:08] TylerM: and i've learned not to say I'm "shipping magnets" across the border either :P
 [2008-10-22 01::10:23] wildintellect: stickers are good for an audience that knows osgeo already
 [2008-10-22 01::10:35] seven: Sickers are a must.
 [2008-10-22 01::10:39] TylerM: I'd really like an "OSGeo Inside".. playing on the Intel Inside concept :)
 [2008-10-22 01::10:40] tbowden: bloody hairbrained restrictions we have to live with nowadays
 [2008-10-22 01::10:41] seven: Stickers
 [2008-10-22 01::10:49] TylerM: +1 - I'm a sicker
 [2008-10-22 01::11:11] seven: grumbles
 [2008-10-22 01::11:11] danielemn: People... I've got to go, got the train to catch
 [2008-10-22 01::11:14] TylerM: Guys, I know we didn't get through the whole agenda
 [2008-10-22 01::11:15] tbowden: Yes, so you said a while back. How is your chest infection going?
 [2008-10-22 01::11:24] TylerM: danielemn: thank you so much for stopping in
 [2008-10-22 01::11:27] CameronShorter_: wildintellect - right. I've found that it is important for people to see "OPEN SOURCE" rather than OSGeo. "Open Source" is what people know, and draws people in.
 [2008-10-22 01::11:32] tbowden: waves at danielemn
 [2008-10-22 01::11:36] seven: danielemn: Thanx for coming.
 [2008-10-22 01::11:40] TylerM: ohyo gozaimus
 [2008-10-22 01::11:40] wildintellect: Free is a big one
 [2008-10-22 01::11:56] TylerM: tbowden: I'm almost recovered except for hacking away in the wee hours
 [2008-10-22 01::11:58] wildintellect: and our local lug has "Support Organic Software" great for an ag town
 [2008-10-22 01::11:59] tbowden: assumes TylerM is making sense
 [2008-10-22 01::12:30] TylerM: lol
 [2008-10-22 01::12:30] tbowden: love it
 [2008-10-22 01::12:44] CameronShorter_: I'm going to need to leave soon.
 [2008-10-22 01::12:58] TylerM: mmontesinos - we didn't get to your point, is that okay?
 [2008-10-22 01::13:25] seven: suggests to meet bi-weekly and regularly again, there seems to be a good new energy here!
 [2008-10-22 01::13:30] TylerM: tbowden: I'd also really like to know where the bookmarks landed :(
 [2008-10-22 01::13:33] mmontesinos: okay for leaving to another meeting?
 [2008-10-22 01::13:42] TylerM: yes, please, if you don't mind.
 [2008-10-22 01::13:48] mmontesinos: of course
 [2008-10-22 01::13:51] CameronShorter_: This timeslot works for me.
 [2008-10-22 01::13:59] seven: mmontesinos: Just push it up on the agenda.
 [2008-10-22 01::14:00] mmontesinos: seven +1
 [2008-10-22 01::14:03] TylerM: thanks for the input guys.. I can handle this time regularly, no problem.
 [2008-10-22 01::14:18] seven: Cool, thanks all.
 [2008-10-22 01::14:20] tbowden: must ask FrankW about that. We talked about it, but mustn't have hit him when he got back to his room or else he'd have brought them the next morning
 [2008-10-22 01::14:22] TylerM: but think it is a good habit to change it around in case certain people can't make it.
 [2008-10-22 01::14:38] seven: TylerM: What time is it at your place?
 [2008-10-22 01::14:39] CameronShorter_: Can we please link all wikis, developments that we produce from:
 [2008-10-22 01::14:49] TylerM: seven: started at midnight
 [2008-10-22 01::14:54] seven: Ouch.
 [2008-10-22 01::15:02] TylerM: CameronShorter_: yes sure
 [2008-10-22 01::15:02] tbowden: Night is but young then...
 [2008-10-22 01::15:12] TylerM: seven: it's not too bad every two weeks :)
 [2008-10-22 01::15:38] CameronShorter_: So, it seems that we have agreement that we will create an Exhibition Pack.
 [2008-10-22 01::15:45] TylerM: yup +1
 [2008-10-22 01::15:53] mmontesinos: +1 for every 2 weeks
 [2008-10-22 01::15:59] wildintellect: +1, +1
 [2008-10-22 01::16:10] tbowden: +1
 [2008-10-22 01::16:12] seven: +1, +1
 [2008-10-22 01::16:28] CameronShorter_: I'll volunteer to write down what I think the first exhibition pack should contain - in a wiki.
 [2008-10-22 01::16:30] TylerM: unless we get more interested marketing people from eastern north/south america.. this time will probably be okay for most.
 [2008-10-22 01::17:08] danielemn: thanks
 [2008-10-22 01::17:11] » danielemn left the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 01::17:45] CameronShorter_: Tyler, are you going to write up a summary of the decisions made in this meeting?
 [2008-10-22 01::18:09] TylerM: next meeting:
 [2008-10-22 01::18:32] mmontesinos: has to leave. see you all in two weeks
 [2008-10-22 01::18:46] » mmontesinos left the chat room.
 [2008-10-22 01::19:13] TylerM: wildintellect: were you going to write up some ideas for the event proposal template concept?
 [2008-10-22 01::19:23] CameronShorter_: Also that Foundation sponsors get to put their logo on material. Local sponsors get to put banners or material in the booth too.
 [2008-10-22 01::20:25] TylerM: Okay - I'm out of here now ... thanks again all
 [2008-10-22 01::20:25] wildintellect: TylerM, I can try, most of what I've got is a list of info you need before you ask people for things, and what to report after and event
 [2008-10-22 01::20:27] CameronShorter_: ok, thanks all, I'm getting called to dinner.
 [2008-10-22 01::20:32] TylerM: =========== Meeting ends ==========