Marketing Meeting 2009.01.15

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Summary of key decisions is below.


  • Attending: Tyler, Cameron, Daniele, Alex, Jeroen
  • Approved minutes from December meeting
  • Decide guidelines for OSGeo logo usage by local chapters.
    • Discussion had started on the mailing list here - please follow the thread here as well
    • Generally agreed that local chapters can create their own logo or modify the main OSGeo logo to better reflect their local group.
    • Main logo to be used when talking about the foundation officially. In any formal context (e.g. documents, press, etc.) local and main logos should be used together.
    • Need some guidelines for bottom of Local Chapter Guidelines page.
    • Take discussion back to mailing list for further consensus.
  • Review Marketing Budget 2009 and consider identifying workgroup leaders to head up specific parts. Leaders would be responsible for helping to develop a work plan and be empowered to help guide the work. Other volunteers or committee members will still help. Current volunteer leaders listed here:
    • 1 - Communication and Branding - next stage of branding development and design. Tyler or other who is interested
    • 2 - Website Redesign - co-ordinating with webcom, overseeing project with designers. Daniele with support from Cameron, Wolf, Jeroen.
    • 3 - Material Production - overseeing production based on above branding development. Jeroen
    • 4 - Exhibition Pack Prototype - following status of very parts of planning, development and production. Alex also coordinating with Tyler re #1 and #3 above.
    • Event Support - reaching out to identify or find upcoming event opportunities. Cameron
  • Exhibition Pack Update - Alex gave report on some pricing for parts of the Exhibition Pack
    • the figures are included on that page. Some price ranges represent different quality of materials. Coordinating with Tyler re: artwork, etc.
  • Local Chapter/Event Sponsorship
    • Alex had particular questions, that came up when considering how to market their California local chapter. Here they want to collect sponsorships, or at least get sponsors to help shares costs for events.
    • Questions about money handling, rules about soliciting (when to make it all about the local vs. whole), Media:Draft_Sponsorhsip_Letter_Jan09.pdf example letter they were working on.
    • Solutions range from having some sponsors use the OSGeo sponsorship programme to setting up an event or local chapter sponsorship programme.
    • Discuss options of setting up an MOU for detailing possibilities.
    • For event sponsors, Marketing committee could help handle the funds where it is a "supported" event by Marketing in particular.
    • Further brainstorming to move to the mailing list.
  • Meeting closed at 08h14 UTC (23h14 IRC log server time)
  • Next meeting date - February 5th (4th for some) at 7h00 UTC. This is the first Thursday (Wednesday for some) of the month.