Marketing Meeting 2023-10-27

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Meeting Details


Attending: Jody, Enock, Laura Scribing: Enock, Jody



Social media

Experimenting with use of social media:

  • LinkedIn: Repost of members related posts, lots of activity
  • Facebook: FOSS4G Asia communicating here, nice to see focus on low attendance cost fees

Booth Review

- Great to have material, some left overs for Jody to take to foss4g-asia

SotM Afrika 2023 OSGeo Booth

- - Request for funds is not on that wiki page, it is email

  1. Printing: Marketing Items €400
  2. Travel (Nairobi - Yaounde) €830
  3. Accommodation €410
€1640 --> $1,736 USD (Compare to $4500 2023 budget)
  • Yes OSGeo Afrika chapter, has mailing list?
  • Q: Does the local chapter provide funding for requests like this?
  • Q: How much do we have available in our budget remaining? Enough ...
  • Action: Enock: Check book keeping, and make a motion to the email list to support $1240; and ask for a blog post for osgeo news.

2024 budget planning

- Something to take to email list, expect request from the board "soon" based on time of year. - ACTION: Jody send email to list on budget ideas for 2024

OSGeo Sponsoring

- Flyers updated for FOSS4GNA

Podcast support =

- Podcast Africa support email sent.

OSGeo Sponsorship Opportunity 2024 post


- Action: Astrid give access to Jody

Next meeting