Marketing Meeting 2024-02-23

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Meeting Details


Attending :- Scott, Enock, Jorge, Brian, Laura

Scribing :- Enock



  • On "Marketing", how much marketing have we been up to, and what kind of target audience do we have?
  • ACTION: Scott to start a conversion on the mailing list about:
  • How to make OSGeo/website more understandable to non-technical audiences.
  • Scott is interested in growing the OSGeo community and projects/product adoption in Canada
  • Review 2023 year budget
  • ACTION: Enock to revive the thread and start a MOTION for the committee to accept/improve and finalise the budget.
  • Sponsor logos update:
  • Feedback/progress on the mailing list and GitHub. COMMENT: On tablets, not much difference
  • ACTION: Jorge to set up a Marketing meeting calendar on the OSGeo Nextcloud calendar.
  • Jorge started improving the OSGeo ID sign-up form, and PR submitted

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