Marketing Report 2007

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Key Accomplishments

  • Revive and then rename "Visibility and Promotion" to "Marketing"
  • Refocus marketing strategy
  • Help organize several events
  • Help create and produce info material
  • GeoConnexion Column thanks to Michael Gerlek
  • Get Service Provider Directory under way
  • Start and maintain list of Advocacy related pages

Areas for Improvement

  • Grow team!
  • Better maintain the Events Category
  • Request for and then spend money for focused activities
  • Spawn and nurse local initiatives
  • Maybe focus more on attracting sponsors?

Opportunities to Help

  • Join the Marketing Mailing List to stay up to date on what is happening
  • Create brochures, information material and content for the Library
  • Promote OSGeo by linking to our portal page and this Wiki
  • Join the local organizing committee. Don't have one? Create it! Don't know how to? Ask the Marketing Mailing List.
  • Translate portal page and information material
  • Join regular IRC meetings
  • Add events to the Wiki. Don't know how to? Ask the Marketing Mailing List.

Outlook for 2008

  • Updated Logo for graduated projects and sponsors
  • More appearances at events
  • Create high quality brochure (under way)
  • Create communication concept for further planning of focused activities (under way)
  • Contact service providers individually to join directory and appear as sponsor