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(this page is a draft)


In several (OSGeo) projects, microdonations play an important role. A system is desired to give users and sponsors an option to easily donate small amounts of money. This is of community importance, even if total contribution might be negligible, as it helps building up a mutual trust.

OSGeo should enable a way to collect microdonations for general support.


A double system is proposed where microdonations are handled by the individual projects and their respective Web sites while larger sponsorship through OSGeo (see Project Sponsorship). The use of microdonations is at the discretion of the respective PSC. In my view, a central mechanism, where I could, say, donate 50 euros to GRASS and 50 to QGIS would be preferable to a multi-site arrangement, as it is easier for the donor and appears more trustworthy.

As a starter, implement the mechanism for general OSGeo sponsoring via microdonation.

The challenge is designing a simple system, to keep overhead low.


  1. How can a sponsor earmark his/her contribution through OSGeo to a specific project? (not needed for general sponsoring)
  2. Do we need to be able to notify the receiving project who the payment was from? (not needed for general sponsoring)
  3. Do we need to issue receipts as a charitable contribution (once the 501(c)3 stuff is done)
  4. In which way we handle donations across borders? Can everyone donate to osgeo.org or it is necessary to install donation points in every Local Chapter or single country?

What's already there

Potential Avenues

  • Google Checkout For Non Profits [1] free until 2010 once 501(c)3 in place
  • Flattr - https://flattr.com/
  • OSGeo has a Paypal account - perhaps different "products" can be listed for purchase, with each product being an OSGeo Project.
  • FOSSGIS.de as one part of the German speaking Community has a own Paypal Account which can be used in Europe
  • GFOSS.it as Italian Association has a own Paypal Account which can be used in Europe. The Association also handles the donations to the GRASS GIS and QGIS projects. (no longer since 2012 due to potential tax issues)

Interested to push forward this idea