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  • FOSS4G 2006 - Open Source Geospatial Communities JOINT CONFERENCE - September 12-15 2006, Lausanne, Switzerland. This conference will unite the MapServer, GRASS, EOGEO, and other Open Source communities at an international venue.
  • See http://www.foss4g2006.org/

To Do

  • OSGeo will have booth space
  • Will distribute brochures, flyers (see VisCom)
  • Do people who are attending not have t-shirts and how can they get them.
  • Do we want a demo CD to hand out, during presentations if nothing else (GRASS workshop runs on dedicated liveCD)
  • Demofest, to we want to clump togehter, or stange interoptability between products?

OSGeo related talks and sessions


Presenter: Paul Spencer, DM Solutions Group,Robert Bray, Autodesk; Zak James, DM Solutions Group Title of Presentation: MapGuide Open Source Users Workshop Date/Time: Tuesday, 12 September, 09:00 – 12:30 Location: Amphipole (Pol 189)

Presenter Mark Lucas RadiantBlue Technologies (remotesensing.org, ossim.org) OSSIM and osgPlanet Date/Time Tuesday 12 September 09:00 - 12:30 Location: Biophore (Bio 1928):

Presenter: Robert Bray, Autodesk Title of Presentation: Advanced MapGuide Open Source Development Date/Time: Tuesday, 12 September, 14:00 – 17:30 Location: Amphipole (Pol 189)

Presenter: Arnulf Christl, CCGIS Title of Presentation: Mapbender Workshop Date/Time: Tuesday, 12 September, 14:00 – 18:15 Location: Amphipole (Pol 189)

Presenter: Michael Adair (NRCan), Steve Ottens (GeoDan), Pat Cappelaere (Vightel Corp.) Title of Presentation: MapBuilder Workshop Date/Time: Wednesday, 13 September, 13:30 - 17:00 Location: Biophore (Bio 1928)

Presenter: Helena Mitasova, Maria Brovelli, Markus Neteler Title of Presentation: GRASS Image processing & Lidar Workshop Date/Time: Tuesday, 12 September, 15:45 - 17:30 Location: Amphipole (Amphipôle (Pol 342/geolab):

There are further 4 GRASS workshops...


When and where?

  • Binary Distribution Builders by Frank Warmerdam (submitted)
  • Public Geodata BOF by Jo Walsh (submitted)
  • Towards a Web Map Tiling Standard by Schuyler Erle
  • Education committee BoF proposed by Ari Jolma (will happen Tuesday at 18.00, meet at GRASS Image processing workshop)
  • GeoTools is 10 years old, Birthday BOF
  • "AJAX WebMapping Project" was "ka-map/openLayers merging discussions'" by Lorenzo Becchi (will happen Wednesday, 18:00-20:00)(more [1])
  • Perl BoF proposed by Ari Jolma (Thursday lunch?)
  • Mobile GIS proposed by Silke Reimer, Tim Bowden and Mateusz Loskot (proposal for time: Wednesday, 18:00 - 20:00)
  • Local Chapters Deutsch by Arnulf Christl
  • MapServer Developers (and users) - to be held in a pub one evening after (or including supper). (FrankW)
  • Geodata Discovery and Metadata Models [234] by Stefan F. Keller and Tom Kralidis. Scheduled in BOF Lunch Session, Time: Thursday (not Tuesday), 14 Sept., 12:30-13:30; Room: Amphimax (MAX 351); for more infos see Geodata Discovery Working Group


  • Frank Warmerdam
  • Gary Lang

Presenter: Gary Lang Title of Presentation: Welcome & Opening Conference Plenary Date/Time: Wednesday, 13 September, 10:45 – 11:30 Location: Amphimax Abstract:. Welcome & Opening Conference Plenary

Talk Presentations

  • Jo is doing a talk "Have a Nice Metadata" about the work the Geodata Committee has been doing on simplest-useful-thing metadata models and exchange interfaces
  • Chris is doing 'Architecting Participation for GeoSpatial Data', touching on geodata committee topics
  • Justin is doing a talk on 'GeoServer: a platform for open web services', which will certainly touch on some GeoTools topics.
  • Jody is doing "GeoTools Getting Standards to Work" which will server as an intro to standards, and geotools

- Jody is doing "GeoTools working on standards" which will intro working with an open source project and outline risks over the next year

  • Steven is doing "Building a high performance webmapping site" which will stress the importance of a WMS-C standard
  • Please add your talk title / topic here - there must be dozens, right?

If possible please use the Open Office OSGeo template for your talk. Find other formats and the presentation library in the VisCom Documents section.

Breakout session ideas

People planning to attend

The OSGeo booth will be a place where most OSGeo folks will go to at one time or another. Ideally we have full coverage of every project by a representative of that project at all times at the booth. To get things organized just a bit we need to have some people at the booth at all times. Please add yourself to the list, even if it is for one morning or evening only so that we can get an overview where it might be critical. Most traffic will be during the breaks and there will be lots of time to chat with others also hangin out at the booth during all those boring sessions going on. So please feel free to drop by.

For questions, contact Arnulf Christl (mailto:arnulf@osgeo.org) or Tina Mena, tina.mena@autodesk.com.

Staff Plan

Day of week Monday Tuesday evening Wednesday evening Thursday evening Friday pack in
Date 09.11 09.12 09.13 09.14 09.14
Time 15:00- 7:30- -18:00 7:30- -18:00 7:30- -18:00 7:30- -16:00
Todo setup booth booth booth booth booth booth booth pack in
Arnulf Christl (VisCom) X o o X X X X X X
Steve Lime (MapServer) o o o o o
Jody Garnett (GeoTools) o o o o o
Jo Walsh (Geodata) o o
Puneet Kishor (Education) o o o o
Uli Rothstein (Mapbender) X o X o X X
Astrid Emde (Mapbender, Edu) o X o X o
Michaela Schneeberger (MapGuideOS) X X o X o X o
Frank Warmerdam (GDAL/OGR) o o o o o
Perry Nacionales (MapServer, other) x o x o o o
Chris Holmes (GeoTools) x o x
Brent Owens (GeoTools) x o o x
Justin Deoliveira (GeoTools) x o x o
Tyler Mitchell (Education/Promo) x x x x x x x x x
Ari Jolma (Education/GDAL) o o o o o o o
Markus Neteler (Edu/Data/GRASS) o o o o o o o
Andrea Aime (GeoTools) o o o o o
Daniel Morissette (MapServer/GDAL) o o
Michael Adair (MapBuilder) o o o o
Mark Lucas (OSSIM) o o o o o o o
Steven Ottens (Mapbuilder) o o x o o
Add your name (project) o o o o o o o
Responsible staff (X) 1 1 1 2 3 2 3 2 2
X = will be there all time
x = will be there most of the time
o = will be there during the breaks