Outstanding SAC Issues 2014

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This is a page to list some important outstanding OSGeo architecture issues.

Infrastructure Transition Plan

Yet to be implemented:

Update of projectsVM

Problem 1: the osgeo4 machine is deadly slow and needs to be low level reformatted. This requires to move the VMs on it off the server, reformat from RAID6 to RAID5 and move back everything.

Problem 2: the Debian version is outdated, in general the projectsVM is flooded with old project cruft and should be redone from a fresh new VM image

Problem 3: time is gradually passing by and we are stuck.

Ideas for the upgrades - implementation plan:

--> ...and answers there

--> ...and answers there

Update of trac

Problem: old trac version is running on an antique Debian (lenny).

Service Provider Search Tool upgrade

  • current version is linked to vulnerable versions of PHP and Drupal on WebsVM
  • additionally it could be a highlight of "OSGeo in business" but it is not... (yet)