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As of 2017 Bacula server runs on the SAC:Backups host.


Configuration as of June, 2011

A Full copy is made every Sat. with incremental backups nightly.

This consists of the following directories:

   File = /boot
   File = /etc
   File = /var/www
   File = /home
   File = /osgeo
   File = /var/lib/mysql
   File = /var/lib/postgresql
   File = /var/lib/dpkg
   File = /var/lib/aptitude/pkgstates

From each of the following machines:

  • adhoc, download, projects, osgeo6, qgis, secure, web, web18a, webextra, wiki

In order for backup to work port 9102 on the client machines must be open. Discovered this when backup was failing on web18a because of the firewall

Trac currently gets which is generated during the daily backup cycle


General configuration is managed in /etc/bacula/bacula-dir.conf.

To review the backups and perform a restore you can use the bconsole application:

 sudo bconsole

Specific configuration of the file/tape storage is in the Storage director /etc/bacula/bacula-sd.conf

  • Bacula uses the hard drive as a series of Tape drives.
  • Each Volume is a predetermined size (~500MB currently), when a volume fills bacula makes the next one.
  • Volumes older than a certain date or when volume increments have reach a configured maximum can be recycled into the available disk pool.
  • Useful commands
  sudo bconsole #get into console
== once in console ==
   list jobs #lists all jobs
   list job=BackupWiki  #list all jobs with specific name and shows the dates and job id of each
   list joblog jobid=21541 #list details of a job like how many bytes backed up, date and # of files backed up
   list files jobid=21541 #Lists the actual files backed up in this run
   list clients #list all job clients (each is dedicated to servicing a particular backup
   run job=BackupWeb18a #manually triggers a named job to run and will return the job id


  • If you use bconsole to recover data bacula does the work of finding the files you want and pulling them out of the various volumes.
  • Directory for recovered files is set in the bacula-dir.conf under:
Job {
 Name = "RestoreFiles"
 Type = Restore
 Client =
 FileSet = "Full Set"
 Storage = File
 Pool = Default
 Messages = Standard
 Where = /tmp/bacula-restores
sudo bconsole

Then follow the prompts, using the above linked guide to help find the files you want.