SAC Meeting 2007-01-25 minutes

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Among the usual IRC suspects, FrankW, hobu, JasonBirch, TylerM, HyperJohnGraham, sbarnes, and nhv made their presence known that they were there for the SAC meeting.

Status report from Shawn

Shawn gave us a status report on the services that he has completed and discussed some of the items that he still plans to finish before his full-time status working on OSGeo systems stuff ends (Jan 31st).

  • He stated that it a possible merging of the FDO project(s) is in the works.
  • He plans to continue documenting the layout and procedures of the system. Most of this will go on the wiki, however, it is possible that sensitive bits will be left on the machine itself as necessary.
  • He stated that he will take care of getting a real SSL cert that doesn't cause web browsers and svn clients to complain.

Miscellaneous notes

  • User accounts with shell access to the machine *will not* ever be LDAP authenticated, and will always be local accounts.
  • PairNIC is currently being used for DNS. We do not currently have a redundant provider.

Virtual Hosts proposal

It was decided that we would have service-based stuff for mail, trac, svn, etc. and a project-based URL (like that redirects to the project's "main page" and be *very selective* on any others. FrankW +1, TylerM +1. Creation of a subdomain or additional service will be done by hand following the procedures and documentation in Shawn's notes.

Major tasks left to do by someone other than Shawn

  • LDAP user creation/password setting (TylerM stated this could probably be done through Drupal). This is probably the most important piece to get finished, as Subversion and Trac access will/do require LDAP authentication.
  • Multi-lingual support. Multiple language support took a hit during the migration and there is a significant amount of work to be done in this area.

Who's admin'ing what?

  • Current Drupal head: TylerM
  • Current wheel (root): TylerM, sbarnes, hobu, FrankW

Action items

  • A list of necessary subdomains is required for us to implement our virtual host proposal of only offering content for explicit subdomains instead of answering wildcard domains.
  • It would be desirable for WebCom to discuss this policy and provide examples of where it would work poorly or cause hardship.
  • A timeline and proposal for removing the wildcard DNS should be developed.