SAC Meeting 2018-03-15

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Where and When


  • Talk about hardware plans
    • Requested updated quote from vendor with dual optane cards instead of SSD.
  • How we get started experimenting with weblate, gitlab, drone, nextcloud on Funtoo contributed hardware
  • Iron out our git policy for when we make changes to servers
 * TODO: Bring up on List again to get Martin's input.
  • Should we vote on new meeting time, to try and get Martin S. involved.
* Sent Note to list specifically asking Martin for 3 good times
  • Backup machine
    • How much space do we actually have? Ordering notes says 4x3TB. With RAID 5 that would 9 TB before formatting. Can we confirm how much is in use and how much is available?
  • Domain Renewals - featureserver
  • Create Wordpress instance on web18a for Grass (markusN said they need to retire their GRASS CMS)


Alex Mandel (wildintellect)

Regina Obe (robe2)

Chris Giorgi (TemptorSent)

Jody Garnett (jive[m])

Sandro Santilli (strk) half there

Jeff Mckenna (jmckenna)

Vicky Vergara (cvvergara) - distracted

Björn Harrtell (bj0rn[m])

palica (Guest from Funtoo group)

Markus Neteler (markusN)

Next Meeting

Proposed Time: UTC: Thursday, March 29th, 2018 at 8:00 pm

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