SAC Meeting 2018-04-14

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Where and When


  • FunToo container ( - we have one and should start building nextcloud, weblate etc. containers
    • Nextcloud, what do we need to test, before we can deploy to meet Board's request for sync+share storage replacement of Dropbox
  • FOSS4G2018 staging has been setup on web18a 2141

Invite FOSS4G2018 about next steps and plan to move main site. Have git repo setup as well that with a cronjob running every 5 minutes pushes to staging. Would like to improve on that via using a gitea webhook.

  • Wiki LDAP integration (how do we move forward) wrt to approaches what are we willing to put up with 165
  • OSGeo Website (if Jive is around), want to add to sponsor section Infrastructure / hardware sponsors (add Funtoo and OSUOSL there)
 Decided: will have a friends page with section below about infrastructure.  Will require theme change, so Regina to get staging to allow commit hooks and then we can test.

  • Alternate times for meetings
    • Did we get suggestions from Martin? He said Sat night US, Sun morning EU works best for him.
    • Do we want to shift due to daylight savings in many parts of the world?



robe2 (Regina)

TemptorSent (Chris)

wildintellect (Alex)



Next Meeting

Proposed Time: Saturday Apr 29th 2018 7AM UTC

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