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It is proposed to install a unified translation portal for OSGeo projects which use "gettext" based message translations.

Software Candidates

  • pootle -
    • supports online message translation (much like Canonical's Rosetta, but this is free software)
    • apparently supports integration of offline translated .po files
    • integrates smoothly with version control systems (SVN)
    • offering their facilities for FOSS GIS translations
    • helping out with FOSS GIS translations through OSGeo channels
    • extending their model beyond South African languages
      • but: some people maight have issues with the disclaimer
  • TP - translation project:

Interested OSGeo projects

Demo server

  • On OSGeo infrastructure or GRASS server or ...?

Translation Glossary

To avoid too much diverging jargon, it is requested to develop and follow a translation glossary.

Interested people