Tenth VisCom Meeting

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Date and Time

(This meeting was originally scheduled for August 3rd, but was moved to August 8th as mpg had a conflict. Due to lack of a quorum on the 8th, it has been rescheduled to the 17th.)

The meeting took place on conference call and IRC on August 17th, 2006, at 15:00 UTC.

Minutes: Tenth VisCom Meeting Minutes

Standing Agenda

  1. Assign scribe
  2. Roll call (chair)
  3. New Business (below)
  4. Old Business (below)
  5. Review action items (chair)
  6. Set next meeting date (chair)
  7. Adjourn

New Business

  • New members
    • Add Venka as new committee member
    • LisaL role clarification
  • Event overload!
    • discuss forking off an EventCom team of some sort
  • Hawaii event (Intergraph?)
    • as per Frank's mail of Aug 7th
    • any volunteers to, umm, go to Hawaii?
  • IncCom support
    • need list of collateral "strongly desired" at graduation
    • one-paragraph blurb, one page write-up, screenshot or two, logo, ...
  • Update on Drupal Portal prototype, migration process, new features, etc.
    • mpg willing to move all VisCom pages to Drupal
    • does drupal supplant the much-loved wiki?
    • does drupal support "files", e.g. for the library?
  • Events page
    • develop in Wiki then copy to new Drupal site. mloskot implements a copying machine
    • mpg would like to see some drupally magic
  • Library
    • Clean out, make docs editable (odt, odp, eps?)
    • Provide for high res logo, banner, posters
  • Membership sign-up process
    • presumably desired for FOSS4G etc
    • anyone have a status report?
    • mpg would like sign-up form to (optionally) include affiliation type (NGO, academic, mulinational conglomerate, etc)
    • mpg envisions some sort of auto-notification system ("these 8 people joined today: ...")
  • Shirts and Business Cards
    • mpg is on the shirt path again -- others asking to buy, a few to give away to VIPs
    • FOSS4G et al
  • Booth upgrade status?
    • we budgeted something at the F2F for this -- how to proceed?

Old Business

    • Feedback and review from attendees
  • FOSS4G
    • need to make sure FOSS4G is covered whilst Arnulf is away
    • Consider additional translations for brochures (german, french, italian)
    • Final brochures must be complete within 2 weeks for printing in time
    • FOSS4G banner on osgeo.org?
  • Events management
  • mpg still not happy with Events page, wants more process
  • MapAsia and World Map Forum
    • Venka to give update if available
  • Need "feature matrix comparison" brochure
    • see thread on discuss mailing list from July '06
  • Membership / Recruiting
    • (discussed at ninth meeting)
    • need to get ideas for this
  • Web site stats
    • mpg to get website hit stats, etc (from auke)
  • Logo Usage
    • Tyler to start a logo "guidelines" and "usage" page, for us to kick around
  • Press Releases
    • need a press release for October prior Intergeo 2006
    • need to try again and get a Translation team together
  • Strategy
    • TODO: start a Strategy page, sync with FunCom - broadly solicit general ideas
  • Newsletter
    • Tyler to give update
    • we just need volunteers, can leverage GRASS work, etc; could include reports from committees, board, etc
    • discussed at ninth meeting