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The Tracsvn VM is an LXD container (see SAC_Service_Status) administered by SAC, hosted on osgeo7 at OSU OSL and used for source code management.

Hint: when modifying menu entries via trac.ini, run the permission settings in trac admin panel to make changes take effect.


The Apache configuration /etc/apache2 is under revision control via Git. One clone of this repository can be accessed by SAC members via (ref SAC:Gitea)


PostgreSQL is configured to always require passwords. Services with non-centralized configuration (like trac) are using .pgpass file to avoid duplication, which means every user using trac-admin will need to have the same .pgpass (this may change in the future). Currently users "www-data" and "git" have the .pgpass file in their home. This lets Gitea git hooks use trac-admin command successfully, and Trac (run via Apache thus www-data user) also work.