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I'm an OSGeo Charter Member.

I've been working with spatial information for over thirty five years.

I have a broad spatial and IT background covering GIS, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Cartography, Surveying, IT Architecture, software development, Management and a wide variety of other IT roles.

I'm an advocate for the use of Open Standards (e.g. OGC and ISO 19100 series) to avoid vendor lock-in and to ensure that data and services can be widely used with minimal effort.

I've used open source software for many years and am an advocate for its use within corporate environments (and just about everywhere else for that matter).

I was involved with establishing the OSGeo-AustNZ Chapter and was a member of the FOSS4G-2009 Organising Committee.

I'm currently working within my own consultancy in Victoria, Australia.

Mind Map - Open Source Spatial Projects

I developed a Mind Map some years ago showing various Open Source spatial projects, with a summary of project features and links to project urls.

It should help as an aide-memoire for Open Source spatial projects.

A PDF summary is here.

The original MindMap, complete with links to URLs has been loaded into the OSGeo subversion repository here.

The Mind Map is in FreeMind format.

I released this work under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.5 Australia License.

This information that has been used to create this work has been collated over a number of years from a number of sources including:

  • Paul Ramsey's survey of open source applications.
  • various email mailing lists, including OSGeo discuss, geowankers, GSDI, etc
  • various online media, including Directions Media.
  • OGC Web site
  • Numerous Project sites

This information is now a little dated. I don't have the time at home to keep it up to date that I used to.

Perhaps a few of us could collaborate to keep it up to date via the OSGeo Subversion repository.

It would be good to see a OSGeo Architecture Project established to monitor global developments and to ensure a consistent, well integrated, quality, OSGeo product line.

You can contact me on <<bruce dot bannerman dot osgeo at gmail dot com>>