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I am currently in the fifth year of Geomatics at Czech Technical University in Prague and planning to finish my master’s studies in winter 2020. I decided to extend my studies for one semester and study this semester especially web GIS applications (but not only) at Kansas State University. During my four-year studies at my home university, I had met several GIS tools. Most of all I have always been fascinated by Python and PostGIS, various spatial tasks that can be carried out. And it still meets me, for example, in my current studies we learn how to address spatial problems in R language.

This summer I will take part in Google Summer of Code. I will focus on the creation of a more user friendly GRASS GIS startup. The general idea is to make the initial user’s contact easier and with a less steep learning curve. While programming new GRASS startup GUI several tasks will be solved – changes in Location wizard structure, Data Catalog as well as general GUI.