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Community members are often interested in lending a hand with the foundation or its projects, but aren't sure where to start. This page attempts to point out efforts in need of support. It is primarily aimed at the foundation organization itself, but pointers to per-project volunteers needed pages are also welcome.

All potential volunteers are encouraged to join the discuss@osgeo.org mailing list.

  • Those interested in broadening International Outreach should consider joining the Marketing committee (Marketing).
  • The Core Curriculum Project needs support from those familiar with preparing academic training materials. Please see the efforts around the Free GIS Book, especially the Spanish version Libro SIG, which currently sees a lot of activity.
  • The Public Geospatial Data Project needs help with open geodata advocacy. European activity related to the INSPIRE directive has already shown some results, but further support is also needed on a national agency level. Use the growing OSGeo network to find like-minded people and organizations.

Software Development

Obviously OSGeo is a lot about software. If you are good at using one of OSGeo's software packages consider joining the corresponding user mailing list and helping people. If you want to get more involved consider joining the documentation processes or even becoming a developer yourself.

Representing OSGeo's Projects

If you are good at giving presentations (entertaining people) at conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, meetings and so on, consider becoming a representative of a software projects or committee or simply talk about OSGeo's goals and mission. This can happen in any language and at any location. If you need slides, posters, flyers, info sheets or a full fledged booth please contact Marketing for further information.

GIS Specialist with Geo-HMS and Geo-RAS NEEDED Immediately

I'm needing an experienced Specialist that knows how to use Geo-HMS and Geo-RAS.
Please email me at Robert@Calcuvee.com