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The following nominations have been received for the OSGeo Board in 2012 through the Election 2012 process. The end of Wednesday, August 1st 2012 is the latest that new nominations, sent to and the discuss list, will be accepted.

This list is presented in the order nominations were received.

Incumbent board members are marked with an asterisk (*).

Candidate statements, if they have been provided, are indented and provided immediately after the candidate name.

Jeff McKenna

Nomination by
Michael Smith

I would like to nominate Jeff McKenna to the board of OSGeo.

As to his qualifications, how much time to do you have? Jeff lives and breathes OSGeo and is one of the most active members of the OSGeo community. He is a friend, resource and gateway to all who have an interest in Open Source (data and software) and OSGeo in particular. Jeff is one of the original charter members (from 2006) and has been on the OSGeo board before (September 2009). Jeff has a passion for OSGeo that is unrivaled by anyone, a big heart, and is considered someone always ready to talk or listen when anyone, anywhere has a OSGeo question, comment or critique. Jeff is very international in his approach to OSGeo and works with and participates with many, many OSGeo chapters worldwide. He has also been an incredible force behind almost all of the international FOSS4G conferences. Jeff would be a humble, strong, active and loud voice for OSGeo.

And I'm proud to call him my friend.


Daniel Morissette

Nomination by
Arnulf Christl

Dear OSGeo Community, Charter Members, I want to nominate Daniel Morissette for the OSGeo board of directors.

I have been working with Daniel for many years and he is one of the most trustworthy and consistently productive people I know. He has always proven to be highly sensitive to community related aspects and has an international outlook, combined with very good English skills. This makes him a good mediator between different regions and cultures, a regularly upcoming issue in our community. This would already make him an invaluable member of the board of directors. But this is not enough, on top of this he also tends to the irksome job of treasurer and has toiled through many down-to-earth tasks that an organization of our size requires to get done. He is also an integral part of the Franco-Canadian local community and a relentless contributor to the MapServer project.

It would be silly to not squeeze some more out of him if he so friendly asks for it.


Nomination by

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