Face to Face Meeting Denver 2011

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As many board members as possible (and potentially others contributing to OSGeo) are planning to meet all day September 18 in Denver after FOSS4G.

When and Where

  • Post FOSS4G 2011 in Denver, 18th Sept. 2011, full day (9AM to 5PM).
Ubisense office, 
1701 Wynkoop St, Unit #306, 
Denver, CO 80202
  • In Union Station - OSM - streetview from Wynkoop pub a block away
  • Venue includes projector, screen, wireless internet access
  • Lots of food and drink places nearby.

Planning to Attend

  1. Frank Warmerdam
  2. Arnulf Christl
  3. Jeff McKenna
  4. mpg
  5. Tim Schaub
  6. Daniel Morissette
  7. Peter Batty
  8. add yourself.

Regrets: Mark, Jo, Tyler


Meeting time: 09:00 to 17:00

  • welcome, intros
  • non-contentious business items
    • Confirm place and date for next F2F meeting: March/April 2011
    • Set the number of Charter Members that will be added this year.
    • Review and hopefully approve MOU with ICA and SIGTE (Tyler)
  • 10:00 Invited speaker Peter ter Har on sponsorship opportunities with the public administration
  • review of prior finances
    • revenue per quarter for the 5 years of our existence
    • expenses per quarter for the 5 years of our existence
    • pie-chart breakdown of where our revenue comes from (by fiscal year)
    • pie-chart breakdown of where our expenses go to (by fiscal year)
  • discussion of OSGeo mission, goals, go through the Forward list
  • discussion of funding model, revenue sources
  • executive session
  • Review officer/exec positions:
    • Treasurer, Secretary, President, others?
  • Media Sponsorship - very draft outline of idea (Tyler)
  • Talk about the idea to backup Code Sprint funding in general and specifically (see mpg's mails).
  • Develop a 2012 budget (see OSGeo Budget 2010)
  • other major topics, as time permits
  • Accept resignation of Howard Butler as SAC chair and Alex Mandel as incoming SAC chair
  • Add items

Note: the "non-contentious business items" item is to quickly get out of the way any items that aren't expected to devolve existential or financial questions. If they do start to devolve into serious discussion, we should cut off debate and move them to end of meeting in hopes that the larger discussions during the day will shed light on them.

Note: as part of the mission/goals discussion, we should keep in mind topics like media sponsorship and code sprint funding as test cases. That is, have we stated our aims and intents for OSGeo such that the answers to the media sponsorship and code sprint funding questions can be readily determined? If so, then we have a good set of aims and intents.