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| projects.mapbender.osgeo.org  
| <s>projects.mapbender.osgeo.org </s>
| /osgeo/mapbender  
| <s>/osgeo/mapbender <(s>
| admined by astrid_emde/christoph/uli have a look at [[Mapbender at ProjectsVM]]  
| <s>admined by astrid_emde/christoph/uli have a look at [[Mapbender at ProjectsVM]]  
| ?
| <s>Mapbender at ProjectsVM</s> ('''unused as of 2017-11-02''' - files deletes by [[User:Astrid Emde]])

Latest revision as of 05:14, 2 November 2017

WARNING: ProjectsVM was DISMISSED. The Projects services were moved to Osgeo6

The Projects VM is a Debian virtual machine minimally administered by SAC, hosted on osgeo4 at OSU OSL and used for hosting project web sites and some related services.

The VM is reachable by ssh at projects.osgeo.osuosl.org. Anyone in the https://www.osgeo.org/cgi-bin/auth/ldap_shell.py has ssh access, and anyone in this group can add new people via the link. Sudo access can be provided by existing sudoer's by adding folks to the sudoers group in /etc/group, though it is normal practice to try and only extend sudo access to one user per project.

This VM hosts several project critical resources (projects web sites primarily). It is a shared environment and it is important that folks making changes on the system be aware of the impact they might have on other hosted services. Apache changes should be made carefully and needfully.

Place to reach SAC members in case of troubles or quick questions:

Existing services hosted on the Projects VM
site path contact backup comments
2010.foss4g.org /osgeo/foss4g/2010 admined by frank/lorenzo? ? moved to webextra
demo.geotools.org /osgeo/geotools admined by jdeolive/jgarnett ?
geos.org /osgeo/geos admined by pramsey ?
geotools.org /osgeo/geotools admined by jdeolive/jgarnett ?
grass.osgeo.org /osgeo/grass admined by neteler/martinl/hamish random site copies to http://gis.cri.fmach.it own mediawiki
mapserver.org /osgeo/mapserver.org admined by hobu/jmckenna ?
/osgeo/mapserver admined by dmorissette, used for release packaging ?
openlayers.osgeo.org /osgeo/openlayers admined by crschmidt ?
projects.mapbender.osgeo.org /osgeo/mapbender <(s> admined by astrid_emde/christoph/uli have a look at Mapbender at ProjectsVM Mapbender at ProjectsVM (unused as of 2017-11-02 - files deletes by User:Astrid Emde)
spatialreference.org /osgeo/sr-org warmerdam (Trac) Not yet
tilecache.org /osgeo/tilecache admined by crschmidt ?
www.gdal.org /osgeo/gdal admined by FrankW ?
www.remotesensing.org /osgeo/remotesensing.org admined by FrankW ?
www.pycsw.org /osgeo/pycsw admined by kalxas, tomkralidis ? No longer required. Moved to GitHub Pages

Backup strategy

There is none :( Amazing. See also column above.