Board Meeting 2010-08-05

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 5th of August 2010 at 17:00 UTC, on IRC (#osgeo and follow-up Skype call to vote on motions).



  • Detailed IRC logs available here.

Attending: Frank (chair), Ari, Geoff, Ravi, Jeff (secretary)

Action Summary

  1. Jeff to inform FOSS4G 2011 LOC that the OSGeo Board approves the proposed budget, and to begin spending within the constraints of the budget
  2. Tyler to organise AGM session on September 7th at FOSS4G 2010
  3. Jeff to coordinate local chapter reps attending a 2 hour block in the morning of the Board meeting at FOSS4G 2010
  4. Tyler to work with Suchith to prepare a draft of an MoU between CGS of U of Nottingham and OSGeo, and to present final draft to the Board for approval
  5. Frank to create an OSGeo news item for the call for Board member nominations

Detailed Minutes

  • MOTION: Jeff motions to approve the Board Meeting 2010-07-01 minutes. Ari seconded, all were in favor.
  • Review/approve the foss4g 2011 budget (Jeff)
    • budget was circulated on board-private email list
    • PaulR and Jeff have reviewed budget
    • key points are that the OSGeo profit amount is a fixed expense, and that there is a 5% contingency factored in
    • Jeff noted that the LOC could save a fair amount by locking down the venue now, with an approved budget
    • MOTION: Frank motions to adopt the proposed FOSS4G 2011 budget, and authorize the LOC to start making financial commitments, spending money, etc. within the constraints of the budget. Jeff seconded, all were in favor
    • MOTION: Frank motions for Jeff McKenna to be appointed to the FOSS4G 2011 LOC as OSGeo board financial representative/liason. Ravi seconded, all were in favor.
  • Annual General Meeting
    • one hour timeslot has been reserved, at the end of September 7
    • discussion on the limit of one hour only
    • Tyler will most likely lead its organisation
  • Face to Face Board meeting in Barcelona
    • to be held in Tyler & Frank's apartment
    • discussion on who should attend meeting
    • previous board members are encouraged to attend
    • also possibly invite several local chapter reps to attend
    • 2 hour session in the morning of the Board meeting for local chapter discussions with chapter reps
  • MoU with CGS of U of Nottingham on OSGL
    • discussion on some possible concerns on an MoU
    • MOTION: Ari motions to authorize Tyler to prepare an MoU draft, with the assumption that the finalized MoU will be presented to the Board for approval later. Seconded by Ravi, all were in favor.
  • Board elections
    • Nomination period ends on the 12th
    • All noted that no nominations have been made
    • All board members should try to generate some nominations from the community
  • Voice call over Skype confirmed all motions

Next Meeting 2010-09-11