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deegree is open source software (GNU Lesser General Public License) for spatial data infrastructures and the geospatial web. deegree includes components for geospatial data management, including data access, visualization, discovery and security. Open standards are at the heart of deegree. The software is built on the standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the ISO Technical Committee 211.

It includes the OGC Web Map Service (WMS) reference implementation, a fully compliant Web Feature Service (WFS) as well as packages for Catalogue Service (CSW), Web Coverage Service (WCS), Web Processing Service (WPS) and Web Map Tile Service (WMTS). Since 2000 deegree has been developed by lat/lon, with the strong intention to make it a community-driven project. A major step to this effect was the acceptance to be an OSGeo project in 2010. Today, deegree is maintained by several organisations and individuals with a large user base all around the world.

deegree is frequently spelled wrong. It is written as in "deegree" with four (4!) 'eeee' and the first letter is never capitalized (not even at the beginning of a sentence).


deegree is an OSGeo Project since 2010!

Information about the incubation process can be find here Deegree_Incubation_Status, Deegree_Provenance_Review.


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