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Dronie is an instance of the Drone CI server that runs in an LXD container in Osgeo7 and provides build services for software hosted on the Gitea service.

It can be accessed via https://dronie.osgeo.org/ (login with your OSGeo Userid)

Files location and configuration

The setup and setup for dronie agents is detailed in - Dronie Server container

It runs in a docker image currently 1.0.0rc5.

Data is in an sql lite database.


At the moment Regina Obe (creator of the container) and Sandro Santilli are admin users, although from the web UI this seems to provide no useful settings.

Drone agents

The CI service relies on people to donate agents (build slaves). As of 2019 there are 3 known such slaves:

- One on Regina Obe host (host.postgis.net)  (debbie-docker lxd container) IP         
- One on Regina Obe winnie.postgis.net (ianna VM) with IP
- One on Regina Obe h.pcorp.us (docker-debian lxd container) with IP  
- One on osgeo7 dronie.osgeo.org (A slave docker image running on same container as Dronie Server) 
- One on osgeo4 dronie-client container
- One on osgeo3 dronie-client container
- One on osgeo9 dronie-client container

A list of known agents can be fetched from the server with this command:

 zgrep ' path="/ws/broker"' /var/log/drone.log*  | sed 's/.* ip=//;s/ .*//' | sort -u

Running an agent is a matter of running a docker container. Scripts to run the docker with appropriate configuration are currently stored in a private repository under Gitea:


Those willing to setup an agent please put in a SAC Ticket