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This board meeting is scheduled for 17 March afternoon till 18. march 2018.


you can easily search with bahn.de for a good route

Bonn/Cologne Airport

  • takes +- 40min
  • Bus is going from the Airport in 0:26 min to Bonn Center: Bus SB60
  • from Bonn HBf (main station) via (Underground) direction Wesseling/Brühl/Köln with 18,16,63 -> 1 station to Bonn West
  • then it is about 5 minutes walk to the office

Frankfurt Flughafen

  • takes +- 1:20 h
  • train ICE Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf to Siegburg/Bonn
  • from Siegburg/Bonn with STR 66 to Bonn
  • from Bonn HBf (main station) via (Underground) direction Wesseling/Brühl/Köln with 18,16,63 -> 1 station to Bonn West
  • then it is about 5 minutes walk to the office

Düsseldorf Flughafen

  • by train to Bonn
  • from Bonn HBf (main station) via (Underground) direction Wesseling/Brühl/Köln with 18,16,63 -> 1 station to Bonn West
  • then it is about 5 minutes walk to the office



  • start 14:00 -> is 14:00 ok for all of you?
  • 14:00-??:00
  • order food or go out to eat?
  • start 10:00
  • 10:00 - 13:00
  • 13:00 - 14:00 prepare a snack?
  • 14:00 - ??
  • order food or go out to eat?


Current items

  • Plan OSGeo board traveling
  • OSGeo member meeting planning
  • Partner relationships review, planning and outreach
  • Lgbt/diversity approach
  • Travel Grant Program campaign
  • 2019 elections (member and board)
  • Discuss continent/region representatives
  • BLOC 2019 report
  • Local chapters discussion
    • OSGeo Europe
    • OSGeo:US
  • Board backlog review and prioritize
  • OSGeo projects health check (backlog item)
  • Member recognition and awards discussion
  • Committee health check / discussion


Saturday 17 March Minutes


  • AE: Astrid Emde (Secretary)
  • MS: Michael Smith (Treasurer)
  • VC: Vasile Craciunescu
  • MB: Maria Brovelli
  • MA: María Arias de Reyna (President)
  • JG: Jody Garnett (Chair)
  • AT: Angelos Tzotsos


  • Jeff McKenna
  • Helena Mitasova


  • 14:00 to 22:30

Local chapters discussion

Reference: list of Local Chapters:

This is a long standing board initiative, does not have a current leader.

  • website for local chapters was not tested, noticing problems reported and not responded to
  • request from Africa on how to start a local chapter
  • relationship between local chapters, some clarification requested around the formation of OSGeo:EU
  • Q: Any board members interested in taking/promoting this initiative?
    • Astrid is already supporting via Marketing, see code sprint distribution activities.
    • Ask marketing committee to role our more branding…

Website questions around local chapters:

  • Events we do not have a full list …
  • Can we get a calendar feed? It was a requirement for website that was not met.
  • A lot of website functionality is broken or at least untested …


  • Can we set this up as an OSGeo initiative? Or is this strictly a board responsibility
    • There is a local chapters mailing list? Who knew …
    • See if we can get local chapter BOF / gathering / pile-on to support each other
  • Some local chapter members are not very aware of what OSGeo is for...
  • AGM meeting report by local chapters is great!
  • What to do if chapter is inactive? Can the board notice and take them?

sidebar: discussion on short term contracts…

  • Can we hire someone to review local chapters and determine if any are inactive?
  • We have similar issue with committees, and project PSCs
  • Board members do not feel they have the time to take care of local chapters?
    • This is the first idea if we can, if not we should consider

Ideas for Local Chapter initative:

  • Idea: Set up partner cities?
  • Idea: Advise on what to do? GeoBeers always geobeers …
  • Idea: Local Chapter of the month!
    • How does it work for GeoForAll ambassador? A couple of people decide each month ...
    • Format discussion? Invite local chapter to introduce themselves? Could they do their video…
    • Email local chapters and ask for intro document?
    • Perhaps ask marketing committee to take this on?
  • Idea: Present what they are doing (like the AGM) on the website
  • Idea: Perhaps at regional foss4g events have a local-chapter sprint?



Checking online we cannot figure out who our contact point is.

Update: From email we were able to determine that Dirk is president and Marc is treasurer.



Welcome to a new proto chapter, we need encourage all those involved!

  • There is no US local chapter? No there is not …
  • See discussion list email from Randel


OSGeo Recruitement and Advocacy


  • Action (MA,JG): Make a clear response on the wiki for what is an OSGeo event for sponsorship purposes (OSGeo Foundation financial stake, OSGeo Local Chapter event, OSGeo project event) and listed on OSGeo events page. We request OSGeo logo displayed, marketing materials available on request, news item recommended.

OSGeo Volunteering


  • Action: (AE,MS) Set up OSGeo ticket system, with initial set of tasks around local chapter advocacy and support. Recommend starting with categories by initiative, rather than by committee.


  • Motion: (MS) Migrate OSGeo wiki to use OSGeo userid (LDAP)

Loomio discussion around voting policy


  • Motion: (JG) Guidance to secretary on handling of motions and electronic voting from F2F meeting discussion. - Moved to Loomio

OSGeo 2018 Budget Update Discussion

  • Action: (JG,MS) Compose email to send to officers on budget approvals and requirements.

OpenAR Initiative

OpenAR initiative would like request OSGeo support, with letter of support or similar.



  • ACTION (Jody, Astrid): Create friend page, forward osgeo logo guidelines and usage
  • ACTION (MA): Ask for a letter and send a letter of support. Redirect to usage guidelines.

Travel Grant Program campaign

Small updates:

  • FOSS4G 2018 Global Event TGP was announced at FOSS4G UK event
  • Working with conference committee to iron out how they want to run the global travel grant program

Goals, from 2017 scope:

As announced, the conference committee is not meeting this goal, strictly limiting program to foss4g global event:

Initial discussion looks at how conference committee can consider this at least for regional foss4g events:

  • priorities set by regional local organizing committee
  • mix of selection committee, some conference committee
  • Local organizing committee should bring some budget to the party
  • Borrow the process from conference committee, and run it for each event


  • conference committee not sure they can resources global travel grant program
  • Logistical challenges from Boston experiences: bank transfer, paypal, cash, ...
  • stay focused on osgeo diversity goals

Recommend have a chat with the conference committee about this important priority for our community….


  • Nobody has volunteered to follow this up

BLOC 2019 report

Update from DLOC:

  • sign contracts with service providers, three venues, PCO, etc...
  • finical information not recorded in mins, contracts ask for privacy
  • discussion on event management, comparing notes on use trello for flexible planning
  • discusion on t-shirt prototypes, event logo significance to local community, etc..


  • Action: (MA) Reach out to DLOC representative to attend next board meeting for report/update
    • (this action was accomplished later the next day)

Sunday 18 March Minutes


  • AE: Astrid Emde (Secretary)
  • MS: Michael Smith (Treasurer)
  • VC: Vasile Craciunescu
  • MB: Maria Brovelli
  • MA: María Arias de Reyna (President)
  • JG: Jody Garnett (Chair)
  • AT: Angelos Tzotsos


  • Jeff McKenna
  • Helena Mitasova

Second day guests:

  • Vicky


  • 09:30 - caffeine and email
  • 10:00 - meeting and start
  • 13:00 - lunch break
  • 18:30 - meeting close
  • 19:00 - basecamp dinner

Plan OSGeo board traveling


  • Action: MA: Contact FOSS4G-Asia organizers, and then book travel.
  • Action: MA: Contact FOSS4G DLOC with respect to travel, accommodation costs?
  • Action: MA: Contact FOSS4G DLOC with AGM, meetings, OSGeo presence

OSGeo Welcome Speech

  • Assume Helena primary, Jody backup

OSGeo Booth

  • Guido primary (need to confirm), Jody backup
  • Booth is ready, materials are printed

Member Meeting planning

  • Jeff primary (need to confirm), Helena backup (need to confirm)
  • BOF Space reserved for 1 hour
  • May consider catering to match Bonn code sprint

Partner / Sponsor / guest event

  • Helena primary, Jody backup
  • Jody asked for quote from venue for space and catering
  • Assume less than $1000 catering


  • Action (Helena, Jeff, Mike, Jody): foss4gna welcome speech, osgeo booth, member meeting, partner/sponsor meeting.

OSGeo Welcome Speech / Presentation of OSGeo

  • Maria A primary, Astrid backup

OSGeo Booth

  • Portugal Local Chapter

Member Meeting planning

  • Astrid primary, Maria A backup

Partner / Sponsor / guest event

  • Vasile primary, Angelos backup


  • Action (Vasile) Contact Europe LOC about partner breakfast
FOSS4G 2018 August

OSGeo Welcome Speech

  • Maria A, Maria B

OSGeo Booth

  • Astrid primary, Local Community backup, Jody backup

Member Meeting planning

  • Maria A primary, Astrid backup

Partner / Sponsor / guest event

  • Vasile primary, Maria B


  • Maria A, Jody backup, All hands on deck!

GeoForAll meeting

  • Maria B


  • Action: MA: Contact FOSS4G DLOC with respect to travel, accommodation costs?
  • Action: MA: Contact FOSS4G DLOC with AGM, meetings, OSGeo presence
FOSS4G-AR October

OSGeo Welcome Speech

  • Maria A

OSGeo Booth

  • Local chapter

Member Meeting planning

  • Maria A

Partner / Sponsor / guest event

  • Maria A
FOSS4G-Asia December

OSGeo Welcome Speech

  • Maria A, (Jeff possible)

OSGeo Booth

  • Local chapter

Member Meeting planning

  • Local Chapter, Maria A backup

Partner / Sponsor / guest event

  • Maria A


  • Action: MA: Contact FOSS4G-Asia organizers, and then book travel.

OSGeo member meeting planning

Expectations of this activity:

  • new faces
  • listen to members in informal way
  • ask topics to discuss, kind of like an unconference
  • report a bit from the board meeting
  • see what people are thinking
  • fractures in community easier to see face to face
  • invitation sent, about 70 people at code sprint, we will see how many show up

Partner relationships review

Last years sponsor/partner breakfast was “successful”, but gave us a lot of tasks/insight/concerns to follow up on. The biggest one was to do this meeting again to listen …

Questions raised about sponsorship program

  • Limited visibility of how it works, (this is fine, it will pick up slowly)
  • Cross-listing is effective way to present our sponsorship program
  • Need to reach out to projects and event organizers to allow them to highlight


  • SOTM Italy - MariaB attending one day!
  • Luca is attending



  • Update: our contact point has changed to Marc Vloemans
  • We should have a meeting to follow-up
  • OSGeo is a guest member, Mike is our representative

TIB (prospective)

  • New partner, to sign MOU and add to website

Additional prospective members discussed, request for more partners from the Asia region noted from twitter.


  • Action (Astrid, MA) sign TIB agreement tomorrow, create website page
  • Action (Astrid): Talk to local chapters to extend list of partners and friends
  • Action (MA) Talk to LOC of FOSS4G Asia to setup some meetings with potential partners

Lgbt/diversity approach

FOSS4G 2018 Accessibility for members of the LGBT community:

  • This is a known problem
  • This limits our outreach effort into Tanzania
  • Consider requesting welcome committee with van rented to shuttle people at risk

Consider revised code-of-conduct:

  • The one used was the standard at time of writing, we can consider revising in the future with input from our members.
  • Trust conference committee to balance concerns during selection process

Discussion on how to support diversity in our organization:

  • Seek greater diversity for the conference committee? Difficult based on how conference committee membership is structured.
  • Travel grant program started with this in mind, see draft Travel Grant Guidelines for background and research


  • General: Encourage interested parties to join code of conduct committee
  • Discuss with conference committee refocuses travel grant to prioritize diversity
  • Provide guidance to conference committee to consider:
    • Code of conduct coverage and respect of diversity in keeping with OSGeo ideals
    • Have main contact on LOC responsible for responding to concerns about diversity/attendance
    • Provide information regarding laws that may prevent attendants going to the conference (anti-lgbt laws, racist laws, ban countries from travelling,...)
    • Review code of conduct with a diverse group


  • Action: (MA) Write a letter or post acknowledging this issue, as part of letter encourage interested parties to join code of conduct committee.
  • Action: Meet with Till (cc), and Steven with respect to travel grant program scope and priorities in 2018

2019 elections member and board

Establish election time:

  • Proposal: Start in 17th September. First the Charter Member and then the Board (15th of October) so by 12th of November we have the new Board.


  • Action(Vasile) Research Electronic Voting. Report back on next meeting. This has to move forward.
  • Action(SAC): move election software to osgeo server
  • Action (Vasile) Call for volunteers for CRO

Discuss content/region representation

This is somewhat related to diversity, it is hard to do outreach into areas where OSGeo is not already present!

OSGeo Advocate:

  • This is somewhat volunteer, trying to put forward members that are available to represent OSGeo in regional areas.

OSGeo Ambassador:

  • need to review the name
  • limited time commitment
  • Contact privately, made public when agreement is reached.
  • The idea is to select one figure to represent OSGeo in the region.
  • Appointed by the Board for a fixed duration
  • The Ambassador can speak on OSGeo’s behalf in the absence of any other OSGeo Board.
  • Every new Board reviews the positions to make sure all regions/themes are covered.


  • Discuss on board-private nominations, approach individuals, then make each individual motion, and then announce appointments.

Board backlog and review

OSGeo project health

committee health check / discussion

Member recognition and awards